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One In Four Young People Find It "Hard To Respect" Women In Revealing Clothing

The same amount think it's "normal" for a guy to put pressure on a girl to do sexual things.

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Wearing skimpy clothing and drinking alcohol will influence how respectable a woman is deemed, a survey of 12- to 20-year-old Australians by behaviour change campaign The Line has found.

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Close to a third (31%) found it hard to respect a woman when she was drunk.

If a female was wearing revealing clothing, almost a quarter (23%) said they found it hard to respect her, while 10% said it made her "at least partly responsible for unwanted sex", the survey of 612 young people found.

One in five of those surveyed said jealousy was a sign your partner loved you.

"Jealousy can seem like a sign of love because it shows that a person cares about you," an 18-year-old woman told Our Watch.

"It can also be quite cruel and used as a weapon in a relationship to manipulate each other."

Despite most (83%) of those surveyed thinking is was never OK for a guy to make a girl feel frightened, 26% thought it was "normal" for a male to put pressure on a female to do sexual things and 8% thought a woman "deserved" to be slapped if she humiliated a man.

Our Watch also surveyed 500 parents about their approach to talking with their teenagers about domestic violence.

Almost a quarter (23%) did not think it was serious if their child said something disrespectful about a girl in order to be funny or to impress their friends and a third said they weren’t confident discussing what controlling behaviours look like.

"I don't think a fair chunk of the older generation are aware of how many different ways things can go wrong with consent and abuse and manipulative relationships, but I do believe many are being educated by their own children who witness it affecting their friends' lives," Joel Wybrew, 18, told Our Watch.

Gina Rushton is a breaking news reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

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