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The Man Who Could Choose Australia’s Next PM Has Said Some Crazy Shit

He once called for "croc shooting safaris" to put "nature back in balance".

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The 71-year-old's support may be the key for the Coalition to form a minority government if it falls short of the seats it needs to govern in its own right.

Here's a reminder of some of Katter's most out there comments.

Katter said he would walk "backwards from Bourke to Brisbane" - more than 900km - if a homosexual could be found living in the seat of Kennedy.


Katter, whose half-brother Carl is gay, has said he regretted using a series of homophobic advertisements in an election campaign.

“I am not aware of a single person of that persuasion committing suicide amongst the people in Queensland,” he told Network Ten.


Two of his Katter Australia Party candidates - Bernard Gaynor and Tess Corbett - were forced to withdraw from the 2013 federal election for comments linking homosexuality and pedophilia.

But Katter refused to say whether he agreed with the pair, who argued LGBT people should be banned from working with children.

"These issues are not relevant to what I am about in politics," he said.

He has previously voted strongly against restricting political donations to political parties. In the past four years he has received a $250,000 donation from billionaire James Packer, $100,000 from the unions, nearly $200,000 from various gun clubs and lobbyists and a $50,000 donation from radio mogul John Singleton.

He has railed against restrictions regarding gun ownership and wants a rapid-fire shotgun approved in Australia.

Nth Qld CapeTrib #CrocAttack.Croc numbers in NthQld R exploding.Croc shooting safaris can put nature Back-in-Balance

The gun is called the Adler 110 and it fires eight shots in eight seconds. Katter is candid about the fact that the main importer is his son-in-law, Robert Nioa.

Last month, Katter made this campaign video in which he pretends to shoot two people representing the Labor party and the Liberal National party, days after a mass shooting in Orlando. When he was criticised for being insensitive he said he hadn't heard about the Orlando massacre because he stays out until midnight, only watches movies on TV and doesn't read newspapers.

Perhaps the most wicked campaign ad for 2016?

Gina Rushton is a breaking news reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

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