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    Here Are 30 Photos Of Australians Remembering The 30 Women Killed So Far This Year

    Some attended vigils, some lit candles at home.

    Thousands of Australians attended vigils around the country or lit a candle on Monday night to remember murdered Melbourne woman Eurydice Dixon and the 29 other women killed this year alone.

    Eurydice Dixon/Facebook

    Eurydice Dixon

    Dixon's body was found on a Carlton North soccer pitch by a passer-by shortly before 3am on Wednesday.

    Jaymes Todd, 19, has been arrested and charged with the rape and murder of Dixon.

    1. In Melbourne, hundreds of people gathered in the park where Dixon's body was found.

    Julian Smith / AAPIMAGE

    Attendees at a memorial for Eurydice Dixon, at the Reclaim Princes Park Vigil in Melbourne.


    Julian Smith / AAPIMAGE

    A memorial for Eurydice Dixon at the Reclaim Princes Park Vigil in Melbourne.


    Julian Smith / AAPIMAGE

    Crowds gather for the Reclaim Princes Park Vigil in Melbourne.


    Julian Smith / AAPIMAGE

    Victorian premier Daniel Andrews and his wife Catherine at the Reclaim Princes Park Vigil in Melbourne.


    A somber vigil in Princes Park. A young woman murdered - thousands claiming back the public space.

    Cathy Humphreys/Twitter


    Totally unplanned thousands of Melburnians are now patiently queuing to place their candle around the spot where #EurydiceDixon was killed, creating a incredible circle of light in the dark park. So proud of this city @cnn

    Lucy Morris-Marr


    Julian Smith / AAPIMAGE

    A woman prays at a memorial for Eurydice Dixon, at the Reclaim Princes Park Vigil in Melbourne.


    Local Dylan Bushnell, 41, is among many men attending the Prince’s Park vigil. He told @CNN men need to show women more respect across society. He laid flowers and lit a blue candle in tribute to the favourite colour of #EurydiceDixon

    Lucie Morris-Marr/Twitter

    9. A vigil was held in Ballarat, Victoria.

    "An unambiguous message against violence" #EurydiceDixon vigil. @abcballarat

    Damien Peck/Twitter


    Candlelight in #Ballarat for #EurydiceDixon.

    11. And in Bendigo, Victoria.

    12. In Sydney, people gathered in Hyde Park.

    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed News


    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed News


    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed News


    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed News


    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed News


    Ben Rushton / AAPIMAGE


    Ben Rushton / AAPIMAGE


    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed News

    20. Many who couldn't make it, lit a candle at home.


    Putting out my 30 candles tonight for the 30 women killed in Australia this year. And one more for those still living with violence or those who identify as survivors. Hold each other tight.

    Nina Funnell/Twitter


    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed News


    Julian Smith / AAPIMAGE


    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed News

    25. Politicians in Canberra also held a vigil in Parliament House on Monday night.

    It’s time that we stop blaming women and instead build a society where women are safe in public and in our homes. More than 30 women in Australia have been killed this year. Tonight we remember them.

    Tanya Plibersek/Twitter


    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed News


    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed News


    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed News


    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed News


    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed News

    Gina Rushton is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

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