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8 Things Australian Women Could Afford To Do Every Week If There Was No Pay Gap

You'd have an extra $261 in your purse.

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Australia's gender pay gap – the difference between women's and men's average weekly earnings expressed as a percentage of men's earnings – has narrowed to 16.2%, according to the latest ABS figures.

The gap shrunk by 1.7% since last year, with men who worked full-time earning an average of $1,613.60 and women $1,352.50. That's right: Men get an extra $261.10 per week on average.

Here are some things Australian women could be doing if they were getting paid as much as men.

1. Have a sleepover with a mate in a fancy AirBnB once a week.

AirBnB / Via

You deserve a bath atop a field.

Plus, everyone knows girls love pillow fights and braiding their hair.

2. Take a woodwork course.

Melbourne School of Fine Woodworking / Via

Many women are discouraged from entering trades or construction (where the pay gap is 21.8%), so you might as well get the hammer out for leisure.

The pay gap is more of a crevasse (30%) in financial and insurance services, real estate, health care, scientific, and technical services industries, but narrows to as low as 7.7% in the public administration and safety sector.

Female top-tier managers in Australia are paid on average $100,000 a year less than their male counterparts, figures from earlier this year found.

3. Spend a night "glamping" in a national park.

Women in Western Australia in particular deserve a calming retreat, as their state is where the pay disparity is starkest; the gap shrinks or grows according to location or industry, a report released by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency in March showed.

Women's Gender Equality Agency / Via

4. Host a ludicrously large party.

Villorejo / Getty Images

Five and a half cases of an average-priced Australian beer cost the same as the weekly gender pay gap.

5. Take your nan to see the ballet.

Queensland Ballet / Via

She might be struggling for cash herself.

The pay gap can begin early and continue until the later stages of a woman's life. Young girls who get pocket money are getting on average 11% less than boys, and 60% of women aged 65–69 have no superannuation at all.

Almost 40% of single women will retire into poverty, a report from the Australian Council of Trade Unions found.

6. Get your nails done six days a week (totalling $240).

Because why the heck not, you've got money to burn!

8. Catch a $37 Uber every day of the week.

Patramansky / Getty Images

Almost a third of young Australian women don't feel safe catching public transport at night. Problem solved!

8. Dine out at a fancy restaurant (around $80 per person) and take care of the bill for two friends.

“Given that less than two years ago the gender pay gap was 18.5%, these figures demonstrate significant progress,” minister for women Michaelia Cash said of the latest data.

Gina Rushton is a breaking news reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

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