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    People Everywhere Are Laying Flowers At Mosques After The Christchurch Mass Shootings

    From Virginia to Vancouver, people are showing their love and support with bouquets.

    People around the world have shown their solidarity with Muslim communities in the wake of a terror attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in which 49 people were killed and more than 40 were injured.

    New Zealand police confirmed on Saturday that 42 people were being treated for injuries — two were in a critical condition, including a 4-year-old child.

    Outside mosques in New Zealand, many of which were guarded by armed police on Friday night, flowers have appeared.

    At Masjid Al Noor, where 41 of the victims were murdered.

    Flowers arriving at the cordon a few hundred metres from the Al Noor mosque in #christchurchnz

    Along the fence outside Al Huda Mosque in Dunedin.

    Armed officers stand guard out the front of the Al Huda Mosque in Dunedin. Along the fence are flowers to show support for the Muslim community after the #ChristchurchShooting @rnz_news @radionz

    Meghan Stewart-Ward says she brought flowers to Dunedin's mosque to show her love and support for the Muslim community . "The majority of people in New Zealand are here to support you and respect your right to worship freely." #Christchurch @rnz_news @CheckpointRNZ

    At a mosque in Palmerston North, a city on New Zealand's North Island.

    A heap of flowers were left outside our mosque in Palmerston North and cops are guarding the place with guns. Thank you for your support 💜 pls stay safe.

    Australian prime minister Scott Morrison confirmed on Friday that one of the individuals taken into custody is an Australian-born citizen.

    A mother and her daughter left flowers at Lakemba Mosque in Sydney.

    LAKEMBA: A mother and her daughter - with family in Christchurch - leave flowers on the steps of the mosque and are thanked with a huge round of applause #Westandwithchristchurch @10NewsFirstSyd @10Daily

    Solidarity between people of all faiths and none at Lakemba Mosque tonight. When hatred rears its head, we must stand together to ensure that humanity always wins out.

    A mother and daughter came tonight to lay flowers at Lakemba Mosque, to pay their respects and give support to the Muslim community. The gathering stopped, and clapped. These flowers are from all of us to those affected by acts of hate, and rhetoric which divides and demonises

    The Islamic Society of South Australia posted a picture of bouquets left at the Marion mosque with notes, one with a card describing the flowers as a "token of our friendship".

    Islamic Society of South Australia/Facebook

    "Standing with you for peace and love," said a note accompanying flowers left outside a mosque in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.

    “Standing with you for peace and love” - flowers and card left at Canberra Mosque after devastating terrorist attack on Mosques in Christchurch, NZ. Photo by Emad Soliman #nzshooting #christchurch #christchurchmosqueshootings #newzealand #masjidalnoor #nzterroristattack #nz

    A man who said he had never been to a mosque before laid flowers outside one on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

    "The reason I wanted to drop the flowers off … maybe they feel scared to come down, in reaction to the events, if they could walk up and see that people of the community are actually caring about them … I think that’s what it’s all about," the man told the Nine Network.

    In Perth, Western Australia, someone left flowers at the gates of a mosque.

    After the sad event in Christchurch, it is very heartwarming to know that there are people out there who truly care. These flowers were left outside a Mosque in Perth. Much love to whoever did this. ♥️ Love for all, Hatred for none.

    Across the United Kingdom, people tweeted photos of bouquets left at mosques.

    In South Yorkshire this woman brought a bouquet into a Rotherham mosque.

    This lady walked into a Mosque in #Rotherham to give flowers to Muslims after the terrorist attack in New Zealand. One love and one humanity #newzealandterroristattack

    This bouquet was left outside Port Talbot Mosque in Wales.

    Despite so much hate & fear, this kind gesture was left at Port Talbot Mosque. Whoever left these flowers, Thank You very much❤️. #StrongerTogether

    One of the bouquets left at a South London mosque was accompanied with a note saying "in sympathy and solidarity".

    We are humbled by the flowers and messages of support to the Muslim Community after the terror attacks in NZ #WeStandTogether

    In a town in County Durham, England, bouquets were left in a mosque garden.

    So, #Hartlepool decided to respond to the #Christchurch incident with love by laying down some flowers in the mosque gardens 💚🙏! Thank you to whoever did this, such a cute and appreciated thing to do.

    At a mosque in Cambridge, a New Zealander brought a bunch of tulips.

    As we opened the #Cambridge Central Mosque doors today, a young man from #NewZealand came by to express how upset he was by the horrific attack in #Christchurch. He broke down in tears, gave us flowers and a beautiful note of support. We will always stand in solidarity. ♥

    In Birmingham, Christians handed out flowers at a mosque.

    Christians from Riverside Church, Birmingham, hand out flowers after Friday prayers at Birmingham Central Mosque #Faith #Unity #Humanity #Empathy #Love #PeacefulMosques

    In Canada more bouquets were left.

    These flowers and messages were left outside a mosque in Whitehorse, Yukon.

    Flowers and messages of condolences and support outside the #Whitehorse mosque today

    "You are loved and welcomed in this country," a note pinned to a bouquet read. "Hate will never win."

    At Jummah at the Baitul Aman Masjid in the East End today, someone left flowers & a message of love. Yes, we will win #LoveWillWin #MyMosque #NoRoomForHate #EastEndMagic

    Flowers were left outside this mosque in Vancouver.

    Beautiful outpouring of support and love at Masjid Al Jamia mosque in Vancouver in light of #ChristchurchShootings. People are walking by expressing condolences, solidarity and leaving flowers. #loveoverhate

    In the United States, where the president downplayed threads of white nationalism following the attacks, flowers continued to arrive at mosques.

    In Virginia, a grocery store sent flowers to a local mosque.

    These flowers were set outside the Hampton Mosque this morning. It’s from a local grocery store showing their support and standing with the Muslim community @WTKR3 #NZMosqueShooting

    "We stand with your community," read a note left with flowers outside Idris Mosque in Seattle. "You deserve better."

    More flowers and candles left outside Idris Mosque in Seattle in response to mass shooting at New Zealand mosque. Tomorrow Idris is holding a previously scheduled “Cup of Tea Get to know your Muslim Neighbor” event at 4:00.

    At Corona mosque in California, a bouquet was left with a note that said: "I am of Christian faith but I hope to express my sincere sympathy to those who were lost."

    In these moments of tragedy, it’s little gestures like these that make all the difference. We found this bouquet and note outside of the corona mosque today. Thank you Mary Hatfield for your kindness!

    In Nashville, bouquets were left on a bench a mosque's entrance.

    The masjid in Nashville has a bunch of flowers outside that people left. Sometimes I forget how compassionate people can be.

    And in Oslo, Norway, neighbours left roses at their local mosque.

    Flowers left at the Oslo Central mosque by the neighbors - as much as I am disturbed by the hate, I am equally touched by the humanity of people around us.