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An Alleged Rape Victim's Friends Have Testified In The Case Against A Politician's Younger Brother

The man on trial is the younger brother of NSW treasurer Dominic Perrottet.

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A student told a friend "she didn’t like it and that she didn’t want to" have a sexual encounter the night she was allegedly raped on campus at the University of Sydney after her college formal, a court has heard.

Jean Claude Perrottet (right), the brother of New South Wales treasurer Dominic Perrottet, arrives at Downing Centre District Court in Sydney, Tuesday, July 25, 2017.
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Jean Claude Perrottet (right), the brother of New South Wales treasurer Dominic Perrottet, arrives at Downing Centre District Court in Sydney, Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

Jean Claude Perrottet, 20, has pleaded not guilty to three counts of sexual intercourse without consent, following an alleged incident in October 2015 on the night of the St John's college formal.

The student claims Perrottet digitally raped her, forced her to perform fellatio on him and had vaginal sex with her.

A friend who joined the alleged victim at the formal was called to the woman's dormitory later that night to allegedly find her "crying" with make-up running down her face.

"I asked her if she was OK and what had happened," the woman told the Downing Centre District Court on Thursday.

"She said that she was with someone and that she didn’t like it and that she didn’t want to."

"Did you say anything in response to that?" crown prosecutor Fiona Gray asked.

"I said that it was rape," the witness said.

The alleged victim then said her vagina was "sore" and changed her clothes, leaving her underwear on, the friend testified.

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"Did you notice anything about the underwear?" Gray asked

"They were covered in blood," the friend replied.

The witness told the court she then walked the alleged victim to the nearby Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

A second friend testified on Thursday that she arrived at the dormitory room to find the first witness and the alleged victim, who was "really distressed".

"[The alleged victim] was sitting on the ground leaning against her bed and she was sobbing," the woman said.

"She was crying a lot and she kept saying that she was really embarrassed."

When the alleged victim was changing, the second witness told the court that she noticed "red marks that looked really sore" on the alleged victim's back.

Perrottet's barrister Alissa Moen then asked the woman to draw a diagram of where the marks were on the alleged victim's back, and this was passed around the jury.

Moen asked the woman whether she told police about the marks to "support [the alleged victim's] version" of events.

"No," the woman responded.

On Tuesday, Moen suggested to the alleged victim that "all sexual acts" between the pair had been consensual.

“He wasn’t restraining you or forcing you in any way to walk with him to that location," Moen put to the alleged victim, according to The Australian.

“You didn’t say or do anything along this journey to indicate to this young man that you didn’t want to be walking with him."

Moen also suggested the alleged victim "instigated" performing oral sex on Perrottet and that the pair never engaged in vaginal sexual intercourse.

“I disagree with that," the alleged victim told the court via audiovisual link.

On Friday, the court will hear from the vice-rector of St John's college, Dr Paul Gallagher.

The trial continues before Judge Stephen Norris.

Gina Rushton is a breaking news reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

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