Women Seeking Abortions Are Being Turned Away From Queensland's Hospitals

    Anyone who administers an abortion could face 14 years behind bars.

    Unlike in most other Australian states, abortion is only lawful in Queensland if performed to "prevent serious danger to the woman's physical or mental health".

    Amanda Bradley who manages the only pro-choice counseling service in Queensland, Children by Choice, said many of her clients had been refused referrals, assessments and treatment for abortions at hospital.

    One Brisbane abortion provider, Fiona Mack, has assisted three women in the past year who came from hospitals that were unwilling to provide terminations.

    James Cook University obstetrics and gynaecology professor, Caroline de Costa, is attending a public hearing in Cairns today to debate the bill.

    "Around one in four women are having an abortion at some point and we have a law that makes that a crime, I don't think many people understand that we are in fact behind the United States," independent MP Rob Pyne, who introduced the bill, told BuzzFeed News

    That misconception has been circulated by the Queensland branch of the Australian Christian Lobby and its supporters, who have labelled Pyne's bill one of the "most dangerous abortion laws in the world".