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19 Dogs That Were Actually Everyone On Election Day

Dogs and growth.

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1. This dog who is ready to exercise his democratic right.

Dog of the day! #dogvotes #federalelection2016

2. This dog who took a how-to-vote card from every volunteer because he is too polite for his own good.

Instagram: @scout4kids

3. This dog who is disillusioned with all his options.

Is it over yet?🐶 Someone's a bit bored with the election. Outside Wentworthville Public School #ausvotes #newsvotes

4. These dogs who showed up to the polling booth to send a strong message.

The Dogs of Dickson letting voters know what they think of Peter Dutton and the LNPs policies! @GetUp

6. This dog who is sick of waiting in line.

Casey Willoughby / Via Supplied

7. This dog who definitely voted below the line.

Instagram: @bonjour_escargot

8. This dog who turned up to avoid a fine.

Instagram: @punkyroo

9. This dog who is fed up with the major parties.

Instagram: @liissez

10. This dog who wanted to sneak a glance at who everyone else voted for.

Instagram: @ron

11. This dog who coordinated his outfit with his party.

Instagram: @comeoutcomeout

12. These dogs who are putting their own interests first.

Instagram: @instagrahamanderson

13. This dog who researched which polling booths were serving democracy sausage sangas before voting day.

Instagram: @sausagedogcentral

14. This dog who can almost smell the democracy sausage.

Instagram: @norman_the_bulldog

15. These dogs who hate anyone who got a sausage before them.

Instagram: @ben_and_cayley

16. These dogs who know it was worth the wait.

Instagram: @ben_and_cayley

My dog Wendy enjoying her #democracysausage #ausvotes #dogvotes🐾

17. This dog who believes "you are what you eat" on election day.

Instagram: @ctdwatson

18. These dogs who are too hungry to care that their sausage has been served on a hotdog bun.

Instagram: @nixevixe

19. This dog who asked his parents who to vote for.

Instagram: @australianlabor

And these dogs who aren't dogs at all but showed up anyway to have their say.

Instagram: @themanicpixiememegirl
David Baker / Via Twitter: @AntonyGreenABC

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