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13 Things That Happened When A Sex Party Candidate Debated A Christian Democrat

"I'm disappointed there was no sex in your talk."

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1. Professor Ross Fitzgerald told the audience gathered at the Sydney Institute that he was leading the Sex Party's bid for a federal senate seat in NSW.

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2. "The Sex Party is obviously anti-Christian and wants to remove our Christian heritage and make Australian a secular nation," Christian Democratic Party leader Reverend Fred Nile said.

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3. Fitzgerald, who has published 38 books, asked the audience if they'd had a cheeky joint lately.

"Who in this room has not used any drug since the double dissolution? No tea or coffee, no wine or beer, not even an out of sight puff?"

4. And then the 71-year-old said the government could raise revenue by taxing the sale of marijuana.

Fitzgerald: Decriminalizing some drugs and legalising other drugs, especially marijuana, is long overdue.

5. Self-proclaimed "crusader for human freedoms and family values", Nile, made a causal link between hardcore porn and the incidence of rape.

Nile: "very hardcore pornography.. certainly for males who study this material, I believe is a factor in why we have so many rapes"

6. This guy.

Random questioner (possibly just popped in off the street): “I’m disappointed there was no sex in your talk, Mr Fitzgerald”

7. Nile, who has previously described homosexuality as "unnatural, immoral, unhealthy and sinful", expressed his views about the Safe Schools Coalition.

Nile: "the CDP is very concerned about the influence of the so-called Safe School courses in public schools which promotes fluid gender"

8. Fitzgerald said he didn't know the Sex Party's official stance on "gender fluidity" but gave his own opinion.

Fitzgerald: prima facie, I’d be in favour of self-identity. If a person identified as transgender that should be accommodated for

9. Nile, who notoriously prays for rain every time Sydney's Mardi Gras festival rolls around, criticised parents who gave children a choice between "boy or girl clothes".

Nile (re: trans-kids) I am against propaganda I am against going into the kids of sensitive children during puberty & making it even harder

10. "We stand for much much more than sex," Fitzgerald, who has won prizes for his erotic fiction, said. He said he admired his party's “principled stand on taxing all religious institutions, supporting same-sex marriage and dying with dignity”.

Fitzgerald's policies: taxing religious orgs, legalising/taxing marijuana, supporting dying with dignity, ss marriage, closing Manus/Nauru

11. Fitzgerald said all religious institutions in Australia should be paying tax.

Fitzgerald: Why for example should Hillsong, that gets money from memorabilia and clothes rather like the Collingwood FC, not be taxed?

12. The pair were divided over whether Australians should have the "right to die with dignity" and Nile said people in Sweden were "too scared to go to hospital" for fear of being euthanised without their consent.

Fitzgerald: 70 per cent of Christians believe in voluntary euthanasia

13. But they both agreed that alcohol had a corrosive effect on Australian society.

Fitzgerald: I stopped drinking and using on Australia Day 1970 Nile: and I congratulate you!

Gina Rushton is a breaking news reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

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