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    19 Mouth Watering Crock Pot Breakfasts To Wake Up To

    It'll be much easier to get out of bed in the morning knowing your breakfast is ready and waiting for you

    1. French Toast Casserole

    Tablespoon / Via

    Cinnamon, brown sugar, syrup, nuts and most importantly, bread. What could go wrong? Click here for recipe.

    2. Tater Tot Egg Bake

    Julie's Eats & Treats / Via

    Now you can enjoy tater tots every meal of the day. Click here for recipe.

    3. Granola

    Barefeet In The Kitchen / Via

    A surprisingly easy salty & sweet treat you won't be able to stay away from. Click here for recipe.

    4. Healthy Breakfast Casserole

    Apple Of My Eye / Via

    Packed with protein and tons of yummy veggies. Click here for recipe.

    5. Fully Loaded Breakfast Casserole

    Crock-Pot Ladies / Via

    A little less vegetables, a little more bacon, sausage and cheese...because we all know there's nothing wrong with indulging every once in a while. Click here for recipe.

    6. Pumpkin Pie Steel Cut Oats

    Food Doodles / Via

    Perfect for this time of year. Click here for recipe.

    7. Cinnamon Rolls

    A Part Of The Whole / Via

    Ooey gooey goodness. Click here for recipe.

    8. Breakfast Potatoes

    Baked By Rachel / Via

    The best kind of potatoes. Click here for recipe.

    9. Apple Pie Oatmeal

    Dashing Dish / Via

    Also perfect for this time of year. Click here for recipe.

    10. Breakfast Burritos

    Annie One Can Cook / Via

    Assembly required, but oh so worth it. Click here for recipe.

    11. Homemade Yogurt

    Live Simply / Via

    Drizzle on some honey or add in your favorite fruits. Click here for recipe.

    12. Banana Bread Oatmeal

    I Heart Eating / Via

    Healthy and delicious. Click here for recipe.

    13. Cinnamon Breakfast Bites

    All I Need Is Glue / Via

    You'll want these every single morning, promise. Click here for recipe.

    14. Potato Breakfast Gratin

    Moms With Crockpots / Via

    Because everything is better topped with cheese. Click here for recipe.

    15. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

    Betty Crocker / Via

    It comes out as one giant pancake which is pretty much a dream come true. Click here for recipe.

    16. Apple Pie Coffee Cake

    Get Crocked / Via

    Top with nuts for an extra crumbly crust. Click here for recipe.

    17. Blueberry French Toast

    Queen Bee Coupons / Via

    Delicious as is, or you can use whatever fruit you want! Click here for recipe.

    18. Poached Apples With Oats

    Sensationally Seasonal / Via

    These are gluten free! Click here for recipe.

    19. Ham And Swiss Frittata

    365 Days Of Crockpot / Via

    Serve with a side salsa for a little something extra. Click here for recipe.

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