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    • Ginalovesdogs

      The rat in a condom is an old urban legend. I’ve been in the ER a nurse for many years we have a stack of extra copies of x-rays for all of the times we saw this kind of stuff. I could make a list probably 30 or 40 Items removed from rectums and vaginas, I definitely vouch for many dildos, potatoes, Cut in half used as birth control like a diaphragm for women and they can’t get it out, matchbox cars, avocados, A thermos, a hairbrush bristles first, a jar of gray Poupon, the feather duster, A homosexual couple dressed as angel and devil for Halloween the angel had the devils forked tail stuck so they had to walk side-by-side into the ER , continuing with the full Snapple bottle lid first so nothing to grab onto to pull it out, a similar scenario with an aqua Fina bottle, I Vouch for the wine bottle, A rolled up sock wrapped in duct tape, A man who came in and said he slipped and fell in the shower and his daughters Barbie popped up his ass head first, and when he pulled, the arms prevented movement. He ended up in the OR …when I told my husband this one he said if I slip and fall in the shower and I’m going down I’m not relaxing my rectum! LOL. I think the grossest one was the guy who bought Barbies and ate the heads so that he could see them in his poop. Problem, yes. He got intestinal blockage because the hair of a couple of the Barbie heads matted together and got stuck. He also went to the OR. All I could think of was how much he spent on Barbies and second What if the trash man just saw Barbie bodies with no head week after week? if you’d like me to continue just go ahead and reply. I have seen things that people who aren’t in this business don’t want to believe or even know this shit exists !!!

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