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23 Reasons Gina From "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Is The Best Character On TV

"At any given moment I’m thinking about one thing: Richard Dreyfus hunkered over eatin’ dog food."

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1. She's not afraid to speak her mind.

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2. She bestows her wisdom upon us.


3. She asks the tough questions.

4. She won't lower her standards.

5. Girl knows how to enjoy a sandwich.

6. She doesn't underestimate her self worth.

7. She's multi-talented.

8. Her advice is wrapped in Disney metaphors.


9. She's an entrepreneur.

10. She gives the best pep talks.

11. She loves her family.

12. She has fabulous style icons.

13. She admits when she's wrong.

14. She dances like an angel.

15. She has the best ideas.

16. Her insults are on a whole other level.

17. She's always prepared.

18. She had a tough childhood.

19. She has no time for negative energy.

20. She could easily run this country.


21. She's a hot commodity.

22. Basically, she's just better than you.

23. Gina is a flawless human being.

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So in conclusion:


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