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19 Reasons Pete Holmes Is The Perfect Man

I want wheatgrass mornings and whiskey nights.

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1. He’s learned from his past mistakes

2. He says adorable things

3. He has high, but not unrealistic standards

4. Those moves

5. That smile

6. And that laugh


7. He's a hugger

8. He’s friends with the coolest people

9. His show was clever, silly and an all around good time

10. He’s not afraid to dish it out

11. He likes you just the way you are

12. He knows his self worth

13. He's funny. He's so so funny.

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14. He’s sexy as hell

15. He said this

16. He’s a goof

17. And a hilarious stand up

18. He understands the true joy of food

19. He stands up for himself

We love you Petey Pants. Never Change.

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