17 Signs You’re Grace Adler

“I can’t believe they’re having a viral outbreak the same weekend as my house-warming party. Why do these things always happen to me?”

1. Blech, nature

2. Your best friend is around for the long haul



4. You’ve got the MOVES

5. You embrace sexuality

6. You have a healthy dose of self-loathing

7. No one messes with your beauty sleep

8. You just pretend to know what you’re talking about

9. You can be a little selfish

10. Your love life isn’t ideal

11. You’ve got some mom issues

12. You can be a little weird sometimes

13. You’re scared of the future

14. You depend on your gays

15. Sometimes you just lose it

16. You’ve got the right amount of sass

17. And you are perfection

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