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15 Fashion Trends Women Love But Men Will Never Understand

Guys will never get it. Find what you love at GILT.

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We asked a few of our friends what they thought about 15 fashion trends.

Here's what Chris, Emily, Ari, Ashley, Justin, and Lily have to say.

1. Overalls

Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Images

Lily: "We love the vintage look, and they can complement any top."

Ashley: "Nostalgia is comforting."

Justin: "No, there's nothing good about dressing like a baby."

2. Oversized (Shapeless) Tees

Nick Dolding / Getty Images

Emily: "Some of us like to show off our collarbones and be in cheeseburger comas at the same damn time."

Ashley: "Why not take any excuse to wear pajamas everywhere??"

Ari: "Wait, this is a fashion trend? Like pajamas are a fashion trend?"

3. Flower Crowns

Cyndi Monaghan / Getty Images

Lily: "Totally boho chic... Midsummer Night's Dream come to life!"

Emily: "Nothing lets people know I am the perfect balance of 'girl next door' and 'impossible male fantasy' faster!"

Chris: "I know I've got this somewhat creepy (Movember) mustache right now, but that doesn't actually mean I like my women dressing like they're eight years old."

4. Over-the-knee Boots

Tony Anderson / Getty Images

Emily: "I want to look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman -- but, like, subtly."

Chris: "I actually think these are sexy as hell, sorry not sorry."

5. Jumpsuits or Rompers

Lambada / Getty Images

Lily: "They make my butt look good. You're dealing with only one zipper, which means it won't take three hours to undress. Plus, I like to channel my inner J-Lo."

Emily: "It's hard to pull off a jumpsuit, so you get style points just for showing up."

Chris: "Nothing like staying fresh to death in construction worker chic."

Justin: "If you're wearing a jumpsuit, you can't act surprised if/when someone pushes you out of a plane."

6. Capes

Fukuma Umi / Getty Images

Ashley: "Every little girl felt like a princess when she wore a cape. They are mysterious and forever reminiscent of escaped princesses, witches, vampires, warriors, and all that inspires truly chic women."

Emily: "They're fly as hell (no pun intended)."

Chris: "Dawg, if Wonder Woman didn't need one, why do you?"

7. Crop Tops

JPM / Getty Images / Via

Emily: "Sometimes my belly button just needs to BREATHE!"

Lily: "I like fitting in at Coachella."

Justin: "Def won't turn down a free pass for seeing more skin."

Ari: "But what happened to the rest of your shirt??"

8. Accent Nails

Kathryn Harris / Getty Images

Ashley: "Life is too short to have your nails all one color."

Lily: "When the paint on one of your nails chips, instead of having to redo them all, you can just paint that one nail a different color and call it an accent nail."

Chris: "Sure, because everyone likes to pretend your nails are in español now."

Ari: "Is this, like, an easy way to tell your parents you have a new special habit?"

9. Ombréd Hair

Michael Rowe / Getty Images

Ashley: "You can have fun, colored hair AND it doesn't matter when your hair grows in because it's not up to your roots. Very easy upkeep!"

Ari: "Oh! This whole time I thought it was hombre hair. That makes more sense. I like it. Go for it! (As long as you're the only one of your friends to do this. If you all have hombre hair, you'll look like a cult.)"

10. Denim on Denim (on Denim)

Phillip Nemenz / Getty Images

Lily: "At least rustic appeal is still appealing."

Chris: "I mean, this would make more sense if you were actually a farmer instead of just farming for compliments..."

11. Extra-large Scarves

Justin Case / Getty Images

Emily: "It's practically a travel-size blanket. Praise you, Blanket Gods!"

Chris: "I like my women like I like my burritos: wrapped up so I'll never know what's inside."

Justin: "Double standard. Calling a blanket a scarf is OK for girls, but when I try to wear a sleeved blanket to a bar, everyone asks me politely to leave. Not fair."

12. Statement Necklaces

Stacie / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 35754040@N04

Lily: "Sometimes it feels amazing to dress up like a fabulous trophy wife who now runs a candle business from home..."

Ashley: "My outfit needs some pop, and I don't feel like changing."

Ari: "Oh my god, is your neck OK?"

13. Leopard Print

Zave Smith / Getty Images

Lily: "Sexy and chic when accented right. Can be kind of primal and awesome."

Emily: "You're a badass bitch, and the world needs to know."

Justin: "Nope, you're not an animal."

Ari: "No."

15. Boyfriend Jeans

Maria Morri / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: idhren

Emily: "Sometimes I don't want my thighs to be squeezed to death in skinny-fitting everything."

Ashley: "I don't care if they hide whatever curves I have, they are COMFY."

Justin: "Hey, guess what: Those are OUR favorite jeans too. STOP WEARING OUR FAVORITE JEANS."

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