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    The 10 Best/Worst Tyra Banks "Branded" Words And Phrases From ANTM

    In her efforts to dominate...okay lightly subjugate...the television landscape, Tyra Banks has introduced many unique "words" and phrases into cultural lexicon.

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    If you are a 12-36 year old girl/gay man, you know Ms Tyra isn't afraid of trying to make a word her own.

    America's Next Top Model-The CW / Via

    Let's review some of her more famous and her most recent attempts to be added to the Official Scrabble Dictionary.

    1. Booty Tooch, Side Tooch, Poochie Tooch, Juicy Tooch

    America's Next Top Model-The CW / Via

    What started off as a simple way to describe "when you arch your back and slightly pump up your booty," quickly evolved into various similar, yet slightly different, variables.

    There is the Side Tooch

    America's Next Top Model - The CW / Via

    a Booty Tooch turned on it's side.

    The Poochie Tooch

    America's Next Top Model - The CW / Via

    When you Tooch and don't suck in your gut.

    and finally the Juicy Tooch

    America's Next Top Model - The CW / Via

    Which of course is a pelvic Tooch

    2. The Booch

    ExtraTV / Via

    It's the male equivalent of the "tooch" which debuted last season upon the introduction of male models in season 20. Which was hilarious to watch male models pretend to be serious when they talked about having to work on their "booch"

    3. Flawsome / Via

    This was a term of empowerment Tyra created to celebrate individuality. Something she has selflessly promoted with a "Flawesome Ball" to commemorate the opening of the Tyra Banks TZone (which apparently has nothing to do with acne).

    4. Ty-Over

    America's Next Top Model - The CW / Via

    With each season of America's Next Top Model, they have always done a makeover after the 2nd or 3rd week. Every season has a dramatic make..sorry Ty-Over, and this latest season is no different. The producers in their infinite wisdom did their first beard weave, and the results were...about what you'd expect them to be as you can see above.

    5. Boom Boom Boom & Boom Boom Wow

    America's Next Top Model - The CW / Via

    And with a new season (Season 21) we have yet another set of terms to imprint on our brains. In another way to define the differences of male and female models we get "Boom Boom Boom" and "Boom Boom Wow"

    America's Next Top Model -The CW / Via

    Guys obviously have Boom Boom Booms

    America's Next Top Model - The CW / Via

    And the ladies have a Boom Boom...WOW.

    America's Next Top Model - The CW / Via

    Which essentially means they have flat stomachs.

    6. Werk the Smirk

    America's Next Top Model - The CW / Via

    Another gem that was added this season was part of a tutorial on how to look sexy on camera. It involves smiling and pretending to flirt to the camera, real tough stuff.

    7. H-2-T

    America's Next Top Model - The CW / Via

    Which stands for Head to Toe, as in modeling from Head to Toe. The branding got to be so bad, that Tyra was even shilling her own fake brand of water with the same name.

    8. Pot Ledom

    America's Next Top Model - The CW / Via

    The biggest stretch in Tyra's word-make-em-ups was "Pot Ledom" which is Top Model spelled backwards. In my imagined scenario, I think Jay Manuel was let go from the show when he told her to "stop trying to make Pot Ledom happen".

    9. Smize

    America's Next Top Model - The CW / Via

    Honestly this is one of the first and most long lasting of her branded words. Smize actually is a decent term for what good models should do. The rest of the terms pale in comparison and at times smack of desperation *cough*PotLedom*cough*.

    10. Drekitude

    America's Next Top Model / Via on ANTM: 'Helen of Troy in a Greek Salad'

    Speaking of desperation, the less said about "Drekitude" the better.

    America's Next Top Model - The CW / Via

    We are only on the 5th episode, and the 6th one premiers tomorrow. It is still early enough for Tyra to gift us with yet another addition to our AMTN Lexicon.

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