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    The 10 Best/Worst Tyra Banks "Branded" Words And Phrases From ANTM

    In her efforts to dominate...okay lightly subjugate...the television landscape, Tyra Banks has introduced many unique "words" and phrases into cultural lexicon.

    If you are a 12-36 year old girl/gay man, you know Ms Tyra isn't afraid of trying to make a word her own.

    1. Booty Tooch, Side Tooch, Poochie Tooch, Juicy Tooch

    There is the Side Tooch

    The Poochie Tooch

    and finally the Juicy Tooch

    2. The Booch

    3. Flawsome

    4. Ty-Over

    5. Boom Boom Boom & Boom Boom Wow

    6. Werk the Smirk

    7. H-2-T

    8. Pot Ledom

    9. Smize

    10. Drekitude