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13 Gifts For The Guy Who’s Just Really Into Grooming

If beards could earn superlatives, theirs would be “Most Likely to Succeed.”

1. A heated razor equipped with a stainless steel warming bar for a luxurious hot towel-like experience, but in the form of an easy-to-use, rechargeable razor that'll also look ::chef's kiss:: in his bathroom.

2. A pre-shave oil, an oh-so-important step for any grooming pro to soften and prep the beard for an oh-so-close shave that *isn't* prone to irritation or razor burn, because those are absolutely no-gos in your dude's routine.

3. An aloe-infused shave cream to ensure ~smooth gliding~ contact between his razor and skin, and help soothe post-shave, especially if he has sensitive, easily-irritated skin. TL;DR: He can't use just any ol' shaving cream, duh.

4. A Sandalwood 4 Elements Kits and Bundle, so he's always equipped with all the ~elements~ of a perfect, pampering shave — from start to extra smooth finish.

5. An all-purpose trimmer/styler that'll make any efficiency-driven dude feel like he's on top of his game. Whether it's shaving, trimming, or shaping, he'll have total control over how he wants to look.

6. A cocoa butter- and shea butter-infused beard conditioner to hydrate and soften his signature scruff, and keep it lookin' healthy and 💯. It's a must for serious beard groomers.

7. A customizable NFL or NASCAR razor for the sports aficionado who has no problem letting everyone — and I mean *everyone* — know who he's rooting for, and wants his personal items to proudly reflect that as well.

8. A nourishing after-shave balm formulated with shea butter, glycerin, grape seed oil, and jojoba oil to replenish moisture levels after shaving and leave him lookin' calm and ready to tackle the day — because we all know (or at least he knows) that shaving isn't the last step of a ~truly complete~ routine.

9. A power brush + pre-shave gel duo for a ~turbo-charged~ deep cleanse that gets rid of the nitty-gritty by gently exfoliating and massaging the skin. And minimizing razor bumps? Consider it done.

10. A beard and stubble kit infused with the refreshing scents of peppermint and sandalwood essential oils, for a grooming sesh that's equal parts productive and relaxing.

11. An embossed silvertip badger hair brush that'll turn his cleaning and shaving experience into a luxe, all-inclusive spa date. How? Well, the dense, handmade brush head produces a rich, warm lather that actually *retains* warm water, lifts beard hair for a clean, close shave, and lightly exfoliates skin to help release trapped hairs. What does your shaving brush do??

12. A personalized razor you can deck out with a custom design using a photo, clip art...the customization options are nearly endless! As an added bonus, it comes with four months' worth of refills (talk about a gift that keeps on giving).

13. And finally, an emergency beard kit if the thought of being caught off-guard with a last-minute shindig and *not* looking absolutely suave seems dreadful. This mini kit will help his mustache and beard look suave as heck!

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