15 Most Inspiring Moustaches In The Animal Kingdom

Movember is the month when men across the globe grow moustaches for men’s health. But men don’t have the monopoly on Mo-growing—now our furry friends are getting involved as well.

1. The Classic Handlebar

Timeless. Flawless. Purrfect.

2. The Pubescent Wisp

This is a Whiskered Auklet, everyone. He’s going through some changes, and feeling lots of feelings.

3. The Cheeky Mo

Otto Hahn / Getty

This beaver is cheesin’ pretty hard. Probably just bought a new can of whisker mousse or something.

4. A Most Bushy Soup Strainer

Michel Porro / Getty

The Noble Walrus is not taking any of your nonsense. Not today, not tomorrow. Not ever.

5. The Feline Flavor Saver

Rainer Elstermann / Getty

If you ask this fancy cat a question, the answer will probably be something like “indubitably.”

6. The Upper Lip Plumage

Mark Newman / Getty

This little guy, the Inca Tern, has a favorite television show. It’s Frasier.

7. The Pooch Lip Rug

GK Hart/Vikki Hart / Getty

His name is Reginald, and he’s been growing this thing since he was just a pup.

8. The Most Terrifying Mouth Brow of All Time

Matt Reinbold / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: furryscalyman

This is a tiger centipede, and if you think it looks like a hell sandwich here, then you might not want to click on this.

9. The Sleepy-Time Nose Neighbor

Martin Fisch / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: marfis75

Listen: This sea lion had a busy day. This sea lion does not want to hear about your new crochet hobby. This sea lion wants to eat 18 mackerels and sleep for as many hours.

10. The Underwater Lip Luggage

Corydoras aeneus is the scientific name for this fancy fellow, but you can just call him Smooth Jazz Catfish.

11. The Fundamental Facial Fur

BurrowAwayRabbitry / Via burrowawayrabbitry.deviantart.com

These brother bunnies get all the ladies. Which isn’t saying much. I mean… they’re bunnies.

12. The Masterful Snot Mop

This particular Emperor Tamarin lives in the San Francisco Zoo. He likes movies, affectionate bug removal, and long walks on the beach.

13. The Horse Face Furniture

Courtesy of Martha Poole

Fun Fact: Horse moustaches exist because it was the only plausible evolutionary development that could even come close to rivaling the unicorn horn.

14. The Reverse Charlie Chaplin

Fotofeeling / Getty

He’s a trendsetter, and an innovator.

15. The No-Nonsense Cookie Duster

Mark Jones Roving Tortoise Photos / Getty

This monkey is not amused. Not at all amused. But by God he is wearing that mo.

Choo Choo! Hop aboard the Movember Train!

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