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12 Stupidly Easy Things You Can Do For Your Health

Movember is the month when men everywhere grow mustaches for men's health. But no matter what month it is, here are a dozen things you can do to improve your life that are so insanely easy, you have literally no excuse not to do them.

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1. Sleeeeeeep.

A little extra sleep goes a long way. When you get enough sleep you are not just smarter, more alert, and have a far better memory — you actually alter your metabolism. If you've been trying to lose weight, get ready for a fun surprise: One of the best things you can do to shed pounds is take a nap.

Yeah, exercise and all that, but seriously: To an extent you can nap yourself to a healthier you. You're welcome.

2. Get off the train/bus one stop early.

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You don't need to start walking or biking to work (although don't let us stop you). Just getting off one stop early and walking the extra 10 minutes absolutely adds up over time.

4. Wear sunscreen.

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There are a lot of great things about the sun: it's warm, life couldn't exist on Earth without it, etc. But it's also basically a giant ball of radiation that is bombarding your fragile skin with death rays every single day.

Wearing sunblock isn't just about avoiding a sunburn, it's about minimizing the cumulative effects of UV rays that are working hard to make you look like a jacked-up leathery nightmare by age 40.

Pro Tip: Cloudy outside? Wear sunblock anyway. The sun is 1,300,000 times the size of Earth. If you think a few clouds can stop the sun's harmful UV rays, think again.

5. Replace one soda per day with water.

We know, we know. That whole eight-glasses-of-water-per-day thing is kind of a myth, but there are plenty of real scientific reasons you should be drinking more water: it's good for your skin, dehydration will mess your game up, and by the way... the calories you save from drinking one less soda add up, too.

9. Become good friends with olive oil.


There's a reason your Italian grandfather lived to be 105. Olive oil is one of those things that is so hyped up it's rational to assume it's overrated. It's not. Unlike its creepy friend butter, which will murder you in your sleep without so much as a second thought, olive oil reduces heart attacks, cholesterol, strokes, you name it.

Pro Tip: While there is a baffling array of choices in your average supermarket, picking the correct olive oil is key (for example, anything not "extra virgin" is basically garbage-juice). Here is a simple and effective checklist that will help you choose wisely.

10. Pee as soon as you have to.

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Holding it in won't cause your bladder to explode, but it will weaken the muscle over time. Oh, and holding it in can lead to a urinary tract infection, which ain't nobody got time for.

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