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11 Ways To Bring Chivalry Back

If you're going to grow up, you might as well start by taking a step back. These quintessential ways to be a bit more of a gentleman will undoubtedly keep you at the head of the "class." Though if you want to look like a gentleman as well, grow a mustache this Movember with the help of Gillette.

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2. Dress up a little for your date.

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We're not saying top hat and tails — you don't want to show up overdressed and put her in her head — but put some thought into it. Even if your avowed look is casual, pay her the compliment of not showing up looking like a big pile of garbage.

3. Turn off your phone when she arrives.

You don't need to make a big show of it, but checking even a single text when you're together sends a fairly clear message that there might be someone / something out there more deserving of your attention.

There are, of course, exceptions to this, like if you're an on-call doctor or the President of the United States. Otherwise, it can wait.

4. Be on time.

Seriously, be on time. Set an alarm. Get there early and walk around the block. If you're running late and you text her that you're running late, is it the end of the world? No, but she is going to correctly intuit that if this date were really important to you, you'd have been on time.

6. Offer her your seat on the subway / bus.

Women appreciate the subtle gestures that say your main concern is that she's comfortable and has a good experience on the date. And besides, everyone wants to ride in comfort. Keep in mind that there is zero chance you've been in heels all day.

7. Always assume you'll be paying for the first date.


If she balks at letting you pay, propose a counteroffer allowing her to pay for the next date. But remember: Don't be a pushy spaz about it. If she's not comfortable with your paying for her, let it go. A gentleman's main objective is to make his date feel at ease.

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You're saving lives. The ladies love it... there is every reason in the world to just say Mo.