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10 Things Reserved People Are Really Tired Of Hearing

I'm upset. I really am. My face just isn't that expressive.

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1. "You're really hard to read." / Via

This can feel like a low blow. It's a very generalized criticism - and good luck getting any specifics out of this person! You were just going about your business, being yourself, and suddenly you're feeling forced to reevaluate every move you made and identify your wrongdoing.

3. "Are you not having fun?" / Via

I am! I'm just not as worked up about it as you are! Not everyone expresses themselves in the same way, and although this question often comes from a good place, it's hard to know exactly what to do with it.


5. "You wouldn't want to do that, there will be a lot of people there." / Via

Reserved and shy aren't the same thing. I might not socialize like a rabid monkey, but I still like (and need) to be around other people sometimes!

9. "You wouldn't be good at ______. You're too quiet." / Via

While I agree there are some careers I personally wouldn't be comfortable in (talk show host, for example), it's not really your place to assert your opinion about my abilities.

10. And lastly, "You'll come out of your shell someday!" / Via

Yep. My personality is merely a thick barrier in which I hide, and someday I will just get over it and emerge an outgoing, radiant beam of light. And you will get to tell everyone you called it.

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