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RE: BuzzFeed APPLICATION 10 Latino Drinking Songs And What They Do To You

Because a good borrachera is nothing without these classics.

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1. Que Bonita Es Esta Vida, Jorge Celedón


Ahh, life seems so beautiful when you start to feel the buzz.

2. Ingrata, Café Tacvba


Then "Ingrata" comes on and you completely lose it.

3. El Rey, Vicente Fernández


El "Chente" makes you feel like you own the place.

4. Nadie Es Eterno, Dario Gómez


Then you hear this song and realize you're gonna die someday.

5. Rata de Dos Patas, Paquita la del Barrio


Then you remember those hijos de **** who did you wrong.

6. Por Tu Maldito Amor, Vicente Fernández


And you try your best not to drunk call them.

7. Olvidame Y Pega La Vuelta, Pimpinela


Then your friends convince you that you're better than that.

8. La Nave Del Olvido, José José


But José believes it's not too late. Is there still a glimmer of hope?

9. Se Me Olvido Otra Vez, Juan Gabriel

Nope. After your 10th tequila shot Juanga reminds you it's over.

10. Inaudible


And that last song...a complete blur.

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