You Should Know And Love Daisy The Underbite Dog

An abandoned and then rescued pup, Daisy is working hard to spread the word that special needs animals are more than capable of being AWESOME!

2. If you haven’t noticed, she has a bit of an underbite.

It’s adorable.

3. She also has a pretty sweet set of wheels.

4. Daisy’s forelimbs are paralyzed at the elbows and her wrists are twisted.

She was born this way.

5. But she doesn’t let her disability keep her from enjoying life.

You romp in those wonderfully crunchy leaves, girl!

6. At only 2 months of age, she was abandoned on the streets of Bellflower, CA.

She was pick up by Animal Control and remained in a shelter for an addition 2 months. She was scheduled to be euthanized.

7. Luckily, she was rescued by a volunteer from A Home 4Ever Rescue.

8. She was later adopted into a pretty amazing family.

That’s her brother, Mickey, on the left.

9. Also, she has an infectious smile.

You stop it with that face!

11. …As well as a great sense of humor and style.

Look at this amazing winter ensemble.

15. She also has an intellectual side.

16. …And a romantic side.

Yes, I woof be your Valentine.

17. Some folks feel bad for Daisy the first time they see her.

18. No need for that noise! This girl is tough!

19. She will leave all other dogs trailing in the dust!

20. But most importantly of all, she is happy.

21. So thank you, Daisy for inspiring us all and bringing joy into our lives.

Yes, your “maxilla is very shy, while your mandible is extremely outgoing.” You continue to be your beautiful self.

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