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Baggy running toward gifts

2021 Gift Guide on BuzzFeed

All of our gift ideas in one place, so you're sure to find something for everyone, from your parents to your boyfriend to your best friends, including still-thoughtful last-minute gifts and yummy food gifts.

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(left) Pink strong female lead t-shirt (right) Broadway costumes poster

44 Gifts Your Friend Who Loves Musical Theater Will Probably Love

Gifts so good they practically deserve a Tony.

33 Gifts For That Person You Don't Have A Gift For Yet

You can still get *all* of these *before* Christmas.
On the left, model holds blue Bellesa discreet vibrator in a clam-shell case. On the right, model holds pink Bellesa Finger Pro in hand

13 Gifts From Bellesa That'll Probably Earn You A Spot On The Naughty List

They'll be ~cumming~ down the chimney with butt plugs, vibrators, cock rings, and more amazing sex toys.

25 Gifts For The Person Who's Extremely Ready For The Next Season Of Euphoria

So they'll always know you're "doing it all for love."
person wearing sweater with quote from

32 Gifts For Anyone Who Still Doesn't Know What The Heck To Get Their Family Members

Ideas for your sister, brother, daughter, son, mom, dad, or first cousin twice removed.

28 Perfect Gifts For Your Long Distance Best Friend

Because a book of customizable letters is *so* much better than a boring "I miss you" text.
FabFitFun subscription box

50 Gifts Your Trendy BFF Will Be Obsessed With

Because they deserve all the hip things this holiday season ☆

26 Adorable Stocking Stuffers They'll Immediately Put On Their Desk

Work hard from home, play hard from home.
rosé and peanut butter airpods case

43 Stocking Stuffers Under $15 That Will Make Them Feel *Seen*

Nothing says "I see you" quite like a customized Dungeons and Dragons dice holder or an internet-famous condiment.

34 Edible Stocking Stuffers That'll Put Santa To Shame

No insult to oranges but...bourbon chocolate, berry cocktails, and mini gingerbread houses are the *it* new things to find inside your stocking.
split thumbnail of person in camping blanket on a cliff, the cover of the book

61 Outdoorsy Gifts For Anyone Who Loves The Woods More Than You

Stuff that'll help 'em thrive outside of those four walls or while they're dreaming about escaping to the woods.
Two panels showing hands holding a card that reads

40 Gifts For Your Long-Distance Significant Other

As the saying goes, distance (and gifts) makes the heart grow fonder.
a map mug and zodiac sign dish ring

33 Gifts That Feel Very Personal (Without Getting Them Personalized)

All of the "oh my gosh, you know me too well" without any of the waiting a zillion years to get something custom made.

44 Gifts For Dads Who Never Have A Christmas Wish List

... that aren't basic ties and socks. 😊
Emily in Paris holding her phone and a phone case that looks like an old camera

23 Of The Best TV And Movie Gifts For Any Pop Culture Fan You Know

From The Haunting of Bly Manor to Birds of Prey and everything in between, we've got you covered!
split thumbnail of Dr. Pimple Popper game, toilet paper marshmallows, screaming goat toy

36 Gifts Your Favorite Weirdo Will Probably Appreciate

A "pooping pooches" calendar, toilet nightlight, bar of soap that looks *and* smells like an ear of corn, and other things that stone cold weirdo in your life is gonna love.
plush aladdin dolls

58 Magical Disney Gifts For The Fan Who Seems To Already Have Everything

“Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.” — Olaf, and you choosing to gift these products instead of keeping them all for yourself.
on left a velvet pillow with Hogwarts and on right reviewer holding polyjuice potion flask

46 Gifts For Anyone Who Has The Entire "Harry Potter" Series Memorized

Text from Gringotts after reading this post: "Did you spend $900 at Etsy? Confirm yes or no."
Pillows in white sheets on bed

28 Perfect Gifts For The Perfect Couple In Your Life

They just might love your gift as much as they love each other. This stuff is that good.

26 Gifts For "Star Wars" Fanatics That Are Really Useful

The Death Star grinder will be perfect for grinding your... spices. 😏
L: White Paw soft dog toys that look like cans of White Claw R: Cat wearing axolotl hat

29 Things To Add To Your Pet's Stocking This Year

Because it's obviously not a question that they've been the goodest pets this year.

43 Books For Everyone On Your Holiday List

The year's best books that any reader in your life will love.
to the left: a mini ghost in a jar, to the right: dungeons and dragons dice

54 Small Gifts To Surprise Your Significant Other With This Holiday

There's a teeny tiny Baby Yoda speaker in here they're going to squeal about.

15 Small Businesses BuzzFeed Employees Are Shopping For The Holiday Season

Candles, real plant ornaments, and loads more. 🎁😍
A model wearing a headwrap // Champagne glasses // A person laying on a picnic blanket

29 Gifts From Small Businesses To Splurge On This Year

Let's be real, you were gonna spend the money anyway 🤪. So, do it at small businesses.
left, polish, right, lotion

26 Beauty Gifts Under $10 Anyone Would Love To Receive

A luxurious body butter that feels like 100 bucks but won't kill your wallet? Sign me up.
to the left: forest spirit creatures, to the right: a soot sprite mask

34 Studio Ghibli Gifts You Just Might Want To Buy For Yourself

Make your loved one as happy as Totoro with an umbrella this holiday season with one of these quirky gifts.
Lifestyle image showing opened tubes of the cream

40 Splurge-Worthy Gifts To Hide In The Bottom Of Their Stocking

We found mini printers, Disney diamond rings, socks with a cause, and a bunch of other brilliant gifts that'll make you rethink what goes inside of a stocking.
shirt that says

28 Gifts For Anyone Who Rewatches "The Office" Like It's Their Full-Time Job

Dundie Awards, "Dwigt" pins, Serenity by Jan candles, and lots much more — but no $200 plasma TV, sorry.

31 Gifts From Walmart That’ll Make Just About Any Child Overjoyed

You're guaranteed to become any kid's favorite person if you give them one of these fun, interactive, and entertaining toys.
on the left a liught blue instax camera, in the middle a bag of death wish coffee, on the right two snuggly models in matching buddy the elf bralettes and underwear

38 Cult-Favorite Products To Gift To Almost Anyone On Your List

The People have agreed that these products rule, and I think the person you're buying for will concur.

33 Gifts For Your Vegan Friend

From practical to kooky, we've got the perfect vegan-friendly gifts.
split thumbnail of brown and black skin tone bandages, a bowl with a salad in it

32 Gifts For The Clumsiest Person You Know

They won't wake up one morning with grace, so might as well prepare 'em for this topsy-turvy world with stuff like skin tone-matching bandages (really), bruise-fading lotion, and oven rack guards.
left, poisoned mug, right, WAP sweater

29 Funny Gifts To Give Your Friends To Make Them Laugh

Because laughter makes the friendship stronger. Trust me, I read it somewhere.

26 Fabulous Yet Affordable Gifts For The Fashion-Lover In Your Life

Need a stylish gift on a $25 budget? Look no further.

43 Cheap Gifts That'll Work For Your Friend, Cousin, Coworker, Or Anyone In Between

Still trying to check a few people off your list? These affordable and universally loved gift ideas should do the trick.
on left reviewer holding a moon and on right multi-colored books

43 Gifts Under $20 That Look Like They Cost A Lot More

"You shouldn't have spent so much!" Well, we didn't.

39 Gifts For Your Significant Other That Are Secretly For You, Too

Two for the price of one.
Two panels, showing the book covers of

22 Books From Target To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

🎵 Later on, we'll conspire as we ~read~ by the fire 🎵
left, lamp, right, necklace

45 Stocking Stuffers To Make Them Smile

Smiles make the world go 'round, and a great stocking stuffer? Even more.
the wish lanterns over a lake print

Just 36 Incredibly Romantic Gifts

If your S.O. is a hopeless romantic, chances are, they'll melt for one of these.
to the left: toy food, to the right: a baby yoda doll

38 Toys Under $50 That'll Probably Make Your Kid Smile

A Speak 'n' Spell, a Radio Flyer tricycle, a Baby Yoda plush, and so many more toys you just might want to play with too.
The Brightland mini essentials kit and a terrarium kit

30 Hands-On Gifts That'll Excite Everyone On Your List

A+ options for foodies, photographers, musicians, and more 🥯📷 🎸
on left reviewer wearing sheet mask labeled

49 Unique, Meaningful, Or Simply Awesome Gifts Less Than $50

What if we told you that you could play Skee-ball at home?
on the left, blue bottle coffee ice cream, and on the right, a coffee stirrer with

30 Gifts For Anyone Whose Motto Is “The Limit Does Not Exist” When It Comes To Coffee

The best gift is one that'll fuel their caffeine obsession.

36 Gifts That'll Help You Remain Mom's Favorite Child

Don't let your siblings get the upper hand this gift-giving season.
on left models wearing matching black sports bras and leggings and on right a pair of white lace-up sneakers

Here Are The Best Style Gifts To Give In 2020

Cozy beanies, chunky sneakers, quality denim, and so much more for all the fashionable folk in your life.
person pouring glitter into a champagne glass with an orange drink that looks sparkly

28 Boozy Things That'll Make The Perfect Gift For Cocktail Fanatics

Well, well, well — look who's giving them the best gift this year. (Psst, it's you.)
on the left the writer holding three book of the month books, on the right a ceramic bowl with a pour spout pouring batter

37 Gifts To Give Your Tough-To-Shop-For Significant Other

Tough to shop for, easy to love. ❤️

33 Gifts For The Resident Witch In Your Life

From Hocus Pocus to Wingardium Leviosa, we've got your friend covered.
On the left, a zoom university tee, and on the right, a Dr Fauci prayer candle

24 Gifts You Wouldn't Have Thought Of Giving Before 2020, But Make Great Gifts Now

Face mask essential oils? A Dr. Fauci prayer candle? A Zoom University tee? #Just2020Things.

25 Stylish Gifts They Can Wear Year-Round

Winter will be over before you know it — but they'll be prepared.

33 Gifts From "Shark Tank" For Basically Everyone On Your List

*secretly buys the makeup-saving mini-spatulas, cozy oversized hoodie, moisturizing lipstick, and easy massager for myself*
Midi rings and My Favorite Murder stickers

34 Under-$25 Gifts That'll Make You The Star Of Your Secret Santa Exchange

Just be sure to buy two cat-shaped cheese boards because you'll probably want one for yourself as well.
sleep headphones and water bottle

52 Practical Gifts Under $25 You’ll Want For Everyone On Your List

This Baby Yoda magnet to help them with their dishes, *perfect* touchscreen-friendly gloves, and handy mug warmer are all a Big Practical Gift Mood.
A photo book / a Fleabag pin

31 Surprisingly Cheap Gifts That Are Rather Thoughtful

Say a lot without spending a lot.

Don't Know What To Get Someone? Consider These 38 Crowd-Pleasing Gifts

Can't go wrong with the world's fluffiest blanket.
On the left, a replica of the necklace from

31 Perfect Gifts For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Rom-Coms

"I'll have what they're having." —anyone watching someone open these gifts.
Pile of friendship bracelets and an Instax camera

26 Gifts For Anyone Who Wants A Hobby Beyond Watching Netflix

Netflix is cool and all, but so are these gift ideas.
Three panels, from left to right, showing a open trash can with a reviewer cutting plant stems into it, a white planter levitating over a wooden base, and a hand dipping a makeup brush with a spinner device attached into a cleaning solution

31 Gifts For Anyone Trying To Live In The Future, Today

Science fiction...without the "fiction" part.
on the left gold flower earrings and on right stud earrings in a gift box

38 Gorgeous Pieces Of Jewelry That'll Make Perfect Gifts

A locket equipped with a sepia-filtered selfie inside. That's all.

37 Gifts To Make Them Feel Like A Real Life Inspector Gadget

Go go gadget rainbow maker, bed cooler, therapy get the idea.

17 Wines And Liquors To Add To Your Holiday Shopping List

The only thing better than holiday cheer is a little holiday buzz.
(left) Brown leather wallet (right) Red velvet fur slides

45 Lavish Gifts That Are Totally Worth Their Price Tag

A towel warmer, deep-tissue massager, acrylic Squatty Potty, and more luxury items sure to wow.
Model running in Tracksmith jacket and pants

30 Gifts That'll Probably Make Your Dad Cry Tears Of Joy

A quality record player, a fresh pair of Dr. Martens — he won't be able to blame seasonal allergies when those waterworks start.
left image: summer fridays face masks, right image: person using coty airspun powder

28 Products To Stuff In Any Beauty Lover's Stocking

Stockings may be one of the best parts of Christmas morning and these beauty products won't disappoint.

26 Stylish Gifts That Will Work Even If You Don't Know Their Exact Size

You can never go wrong with a purposely oversized hoodie.
A book locket / a purse that looks like 100 years of solitude

19 Style And Beauty Gifts For People Who Love To Read

They probably have enough books, so why not change it up this year?
on left a Moira Rose wig art print and on right a clear Spotify album cover

48 Gifts For When You're Totally In Love, But Broke

If you get something with their initials on it, chances are they'll never know even suspect that it cost $10.
The glass toy lying on a mirrored table

20 Sex Toys To Gift Yourself This Holiday Season

2021 New Years resolution: more orgasms.
workout mirror and fix it tool

35 Tech Gifts That Are Useful, But More Importantly, Super Easy To Use

100% of the convenience of streamlining their entertainment subscriptions with 0% of yelling "Why???" at an electronic device that won't answer them.

27 Style Gifts Under $10 Basically Anyone Would Love To Receive

Shopping for a fashion-lover on a budget? We found hair accessories, jewelry, and more that they're bound to wear all the time.

38 Great Science Fiction/Fantasy–Themed Gifts

From deluxe leather-bound editions to fantasy book box subscriptions to Six of Crows socks and more.

50 Unique Gifts You Can Get For Under $50

The secret to acing your holiday gift-giving is letting your freak flag fly.
On the left, a Rose family printed phone case. On the right, a sticker of David and Alexis saying

36 Gifts Any "Schitt's Creek" Fan Will Probably Be A Disgruntled Pelican If They Don't Own

Not included: expensive sushi or a cute huge yacht.
on the left the writer holding three books, on the right a gold embossed book of the month book

I'm Calling It — A Book Of The Month Subscription Is The Best Gift To Give In 2020

My favorite $15+/month subscription service was already an incredible gift — social distancing managed to make it even better.

34 Gifts For Your Best Friend You May Also Want To Buy For Yourself

One for you... and one for me... 🎁🎁
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