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17 Haunted Places In Britain Even Ghosts Should Avoid

Some places in Britain are so weirdly haunted, you shouldn't move there even if you're already a ghost. It's worse than trying to rent in London.

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4. Or there can be too many of them


Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire has at least a dozen ghosts, including a phantom horseman, little girl and old woman, another ghost in the cellar, a floating head, and the Tall Man of the Chapel. It'd be like living in a hostel.

11. Some have ghosts who'll try to swindle you out of money


At the Haunch of Vension, Wiltshire, a Whist player is occasionally visible in the bar. He had been found to be cheating at cards, and a butcher chopped off the stranger's hand as he held the five aces. The mummified hand was preserved in a box. It’s still there, in the fireplace.

16. And you can be too close to transport links


Bethnal Green Underground in London is haunted. So is Farringdon Station, Liverpool St. Station, Bank Station and many more. Despite the ease of travel, it's just not the best home for the classy ghost.

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