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13 People Proving It Takes Guts To Be Different

Sometimes, you need to do something no-one else has. These people proved that whatever you do, it should be different.

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Inspired by giffgaff: Different Takes Guts

1. Alex Honnald, Free Climber


Alex Honnold had the courage to drop out of Berkley at 19, to pursue free climbing. On rope free climbs, he has broken a number of speed records, including a free climb of Salathé Wall, and a 2h23m speed record on the Nose of El Capitan with Hans Florine.

3. Guillame Nery, Freediver


Guillaume Nery can hold his breath, while swimming, for almost 8 minutes. He's swum down to depths of over 100m, the point at which the light dims. There's not much bolder than disappearing into the depths of water, alone.

4. Fank Gehry, Architect


Never afraid to think differently, Frank Gehry became one of the iconic designers of the moden age, with designs that subvert conventional building structures, and promote the idea of 'form over function.'

6. Nary Manivong, Fashion Designer


At 14, second-generation Laotain immigrant Nary Manivong was homeless on the streets of Columbus, Ohio, before becoming part of a gang. But he didn't let his environment limit him, and a series of brave decisions led to his own fashion label, NAMH, and he is now a fixture on the New York fashion scene.

7. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Sailor


The first person to circumnavigation of the globe, single handed and non-stop, set out on his 313-day journey in 1968. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston was the only sailor to complete a 9 person contest, all done in his 32-foot boat.

8. Anthony Robles, Wrestler


Anthony Robles is a wrestler who was born with only one leg. Determined to succeed regardless, he completed his junior and senior years in high school with a 96–0 record, and went on to become the 2011 NCAA National Wrestling Champion.

9. Glen Plake, Big Mountain Skiier

With his inventive, wild style of skiing, Glen Plake pioneered extreme big mountain skiing. Unafraid to go his own way, his mohawked haircut and continual searching for new places to ski blazed a trail for everyone coming behind him.

10. Laird Hamilton, Big Wave Surfer


Californian-born surfer Laird Hamilton worked with a jet-ski for the first time in 2000, inventing tow-in surfing and riding the heaviest wave in history at Teahupoo. The wave was fast enough to be lethal, but on completing the ride, Hamilton created the possibilities for many surfers to come.

11. Jeb Corliss, Wingsuiter


The idea of wing-suiting has been around for centuries, but it took the 21st century material to make it a reality - along with some incredibly gutsy pilots. Jeb Corliss has pioneered as much as anyone else, including this first ever flight underneath a waterfall.

12. Ed Bolian, Transcontinental Driver


Just a few weeks ago, one of the oldest records in driving history was smashed, when Ed Bolian and two associates crossed the entire United States in just 29 hours, a full two hours less than the previous records, meaning they averaged 98mph cross country. The record was old enough that no-one thought it would ever be broken but some innovative idea helped them storm past it.

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