16 Ways Zombies Are Just Like Us

We actually have a lot in common with them! Here are a few similarities we share with the undead. To see what else you don’t have to be scared of, click here and check out #dontbescared on Twitter.

1. They wake up in the morning feeling like crap

United Film Distribution Company / Via halloweenshindig.tumblr.com

2. They drink from the carton

3. They talk to themselves

Renaissance Pictures / Via town-horror.tumblr.com

4. They have problems with portion control

5. They get every single Rihanna song stuck in their heads

United Film Distribution Company / Via sea-of-violence.tumblr.com

6. They expect romance to be like it is in the movies

8. They insist on silence at the cinema

Alliance Films / Via god-damn-gore-whore.tumblr.com

9. They are shocked when they find money in their pocket

10. They hate the instruments their parents make them play

Starz Productions / Via rotgut.tumblr.com

11. They’ll do anything to avoid going to the doctor

12. They get food poisoning

Universal Pictures / Via tumblr.4gifs.com

13. They wish they could “unsee” things

Renaissance Pictures / Via movie-censorship.com

14. They aren’t crazy about being alone in the dark

15. They fall asleep in places that aren’t meant for sleeping

16. They care about others

They want to help us when we need help. We just have to let them!

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