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15 People Living Life Like A Boss

Some people just have their sh*t together. Here are some of them showing us how it's done. With giffgaff, we're all the boss.

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1. This guy, just making some toast.

2. This guy, folding a t-shirt like a pro.

3. This guy, just putting some stuff back in the fridge.

4. This guy, at every picnic where you forgot the bottle opener. / Via

ie. Every picnic ever.

5. Whoever shelved these books according to the colour spectrum.

Pietro Bellini (CC BY-ND http://2.0) / Via

6. This guy, using innovation to get as much corn into his face as humanly possible.

7. This guy, parking his car like he doesn't care what you think. / Via

(He really doesn't care what you think.)

8. This guy, eating some crisps.

9. This guy, just making the room a little warmer.

10. Whoever matched their car to their house.

Gareth Williams (CC BY http://2.0) / Via

11. This guy, just heading off to bed. / Via

Night night.

12. This guy, just making a salad. / Via

Remember when salad didn't come in a bag?

13. This guy, just ironing some shorts or something.

14. This guy, employing household items for no other reason than to show off.

15. This guy, making the most epic tea round ever. / Via

Can you do this in an ad break?

Want to be the boss like these folks? Well, you can. With giffgaff, we're all the boss.