15 Reasons We Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Zombies

It’s time to un-scary the undead. A rotted, slow-walking body is the opposite of horrifying. But if you need more reasons to not be scared… there are plenty – and check out #dontbescared on Twitter.

1. They like befriending mythological creatures:

2. Most of them just nap:

Cannon Films / Via archvampire.tumblr.com

3. Some have fallen and can’t get up:

4. When turned into cupcakes, they’re really adorable:

5. And that goes double for zombiefied gnomes:

6. They’re terrible at opening gates:

Davis Films / Via bluntrazor.tumblr.com

7. They spend most of their time wandering in fields (no one ever goes there):

8. They’re covered in dirt because they like gardening:

Lionsgate / Via incomum-comum.tumblr.com

9. Most of them are really into pilates:

10. Some like making the occasional rhyme:

Ghost House Pictures / Via muver54.tumblr.com

11. A few just grab at things that aren’t there:

12. Or do nothing but wave:

13. Seriously! They love waving, especially after they rise from the ground:

14. And lots of them believe in love:

15. They care about us!

Seriously — they can be pretty compassionate.

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