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    Updated on Apr 22, 2019. Posted on Apr 18, 2019

    How 22 Year Old College Dropout Makes 6-Figure Through Digital Marketing

    For most of his life, Vishal felt trapped within the bounds of his hometown, where he felt he was unable to have the opportunity to take the risks so he wished to explore. He wanted something bigger and self-driven, so when he stepped into the world of online marketing, he just found what he was looking for, an opportunity to achieve something big.

    Having various positions of authority and creating multiple 6-figure enterprises, Vishal has paved a way in digital marketing not only for himself, but also for those who look up to him to develop their own skills and success in the field.

    He had to make a choice between working for the companies he had been with and trying something new, and ultimately he knew he had to take a risk.

    “From there, I figured I had two choices… either work for another company (which I didn’t want to) or start another business. I started to realize that paid advertising/advertising campaigns were something that was in huge demand by all sorts of businesses.”

    In 2016 and 2017, Vishal was able to invest himself in his e-commerce interests and use his entrepreneurial skills to create something wholly new, wholly of his own and this is how he came to be in charge of the many business ventures he runs today.

    “Using nothing but a dinky laptop and Wi-Fi connection, I started The past six months alone, I was able to scale that past 6-figures working with some of my dream clients,” Vishal said.

    Having worked in online spaces such as e-Commerce, crowdfunding, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing for around four years now, Vishal’s most current occupation lies mainly in He runs it as a digital media agency that focuses in website designing, SEO and social media marketing .

    He is also the founder of a brand called "journey to a million dollars", an international project that seeks to help other aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own digital agency. More information regarding it, can be found at

    If these accomplishments weren’t enough to establish Vishal in the short amount of time he’s worked in the field of digital marketing, then maybe his title as creator of the Client Takeover Program and the Digital Entrepreneur Community will be. He uses these two programs to teach and provide resources to other digital marketing entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses through marketing and build profit out of their interests.

    As successful as he is now, Vishal’s achievements didn’t come to him as easily as one would suspect. Nearly everything good that came his way in his businesses spurred from a burgeoning desire to take risks that could lead him to success. He feels that success is “being 100% in control of your own life” and finds that his experiences, both highs and lows, have led him to find what he wants - being in control, and being the man in charge of his own businesses.

    Vishal finds that success often comes from challenging himself to try new things and thinking outside the box, owing to an adage he finds essential: “Nothing great ever came from comfort zones.”

    He lives by this quote, even saying it on a daily basis. Regarding his own experience, he noted, “I’ve realized that every time I force myself to be in new and uncomfortable situations, it’s when I thrive the most and where all of my great ideas and success comes from.” He even offers his knowledge to those who hope to be successful in their own ventures. “My piece of advice would be to make it a point to do something that scares you every day. Because everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

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