Bhavik Sarkhedi Founder of 'Write Right', Author of 'The Weak Point Dealer' and 'Will You Walk A Mile?'
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  • 8 Life Lessons I’ve Learnt By Being An Amateur Stand-Up Comedian

    From colleges to cafes, weddings to bars, stand-up comedians are everywhere, to make you laugh inevitably. It has become a strong business. Every time I go to a bar or a café, there is an open mic. I am living in a ‘Stand Up Comedy’ Era. I am a wannabe stand-up comedian. I tried my hands on it, fumbled, laughed upon, hesitated, spoke up again, punched the joke, improvised and this is what I learnt.

  • 6 Ways How Aadhar Is Infringing Your Privacy In India

    Congratulations. You have been digitally imprinted. And the best part about it is, you do not have a choice. Wherever you go, your identity precedes you. Be it passport office or procuring a driving license, all you have to do is say those 12 magical numbers. A wise man once said, with great power comes great responsibility. And collectively, we Indians are poor at handling responsibilities. With huge amount of private information made available to the Government in the form of mandatory UIDAI scheme rolled by the Government in 2009, questions like how does the Government plan to store and disseminate such private information, what happens in case of breach of database etc. remains unanswered. Precisely for the same reason, Courts in developed countries like UK and France have held such collection and retention of private data impermissible. Below we mention certain examples of how Aadhar can infringe your privacy-

  • Foodie? 4 Awesomely Amazing Restaurants For A Fine Dining Experience

    Ah, Mumbai! Just the name conjures up images of modern steel and glass skyscrapers amidst older art deco structures, rain swept boulevards and throngs of people. It has long been the city of dreams for Indian. In fact, besides being the most populated city in India, Mumbai is also the 9th most populous urban region in the world. More than 20 million people live here but you already know that. You probably also know that this is a rich city. After all, 30 of the 68 billionaires in India live here. No wonder then that this is also the city where you get some of the best options to pamper your senses, especially the gastronomic ones. Here’s a look at some of the best restaurants and 5 star hotels in Mumbai that you simply must try.

  • The Story Behind Tequila- World’s Most Lovable Beverage

    How many times do we drink tequila in a year? Perhaps, its history can be regarded to be as interesting as the beverage itself. Throughout the world, tequila is recognized as the national drink of Mexico. Millions of liters of it are consumed annually across the globe. Despite its popularity, very little is known of its historic roots. Tequila is rich in a history far beyond the popular Margarita. Originally used during rituals beginning 2,000 years ago, tequila has evolved into the potent spirit we drink today and in recent years has transcended a quality we could not imagine a few decades ago.

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