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13 Reasons Smaller Is Definitely Better

Small is the new black. Enjoy some bite-sized love with Ghirardelli minis.

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1. Little pig = big personality.

2. Micro bikes make a little more sense than macro bikes in the scheme of things.

3. Chinchilla kisses are only cute because their snouts are so itty-bitty.

4. Small sass is truly the only way sass should be.

5. A big bear attack would be bad, but a little bear attack is the best.

6. The smaller the kitten, the bigger his sense of courage.

7. Fact: Two smalls make a right.

8. Teensy cupcakes are better than big cupcakes because you can eat way more of them.

9. Little tongues are indisputably cuter than big ol' tongues.

10. Small hugs > big hugs.

11. Sometimes big birds are scary, but never little birds.

12. Small paws are better for tugging your heartstrings.

13. And nothing is better than when an entire dog can fit into one of your hands.

Little chocolates just means you can eat that many more!!

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