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The Joys Of Working At All Girls Sleep-Away Camp

Internship you say? No thanks, I'm changing lives.

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Clothing is casual.

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Why would I ever quit a job where my daily "uniform" consists of sweatshirt, sweatpants, slippers, and NO BRA?! Life is gooood at camp.

Makeup is lame. / Via

Camp is one of the few places where you're less cool if you overuse beauty products. When you remove that layer of comfort from people, it helps them to be a truer version of themselves.

Boys still have cooties.

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When you see a boy, you cringe and look away. Not everyone will have quite so severe a reaction, but the few boys around aren't seen as objects of affection, but rather as pseudo-uncles or brothers.

You can shoot guns!!

E! / Via

Safely, of course.

And make sick tie-dyes.

Even though they probably won't look as good as you want them too, tie-dying just doesn't get old.

You're actually shaping lives.

Though instructing a little girl on how to make a notecard to send home to her parents or making jokes at a meal may seem trivial, the campers soak in every bit of your being. You have the ability to instill positive body images, outlandish dreams, and pure happiness in the campers.

Soooo much food.

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At first you're like, "I live on a mountain, I'm going to be so fit by the end of this summer!" But never fear, there are pleeenty of candy bars, muffins, and birthday cakes to keep you full and happy.

Being weird is cool.

Fox / Via

Where else can you perform songs called "Skunk Raviola," "Looking Through the Golfcart," and "Wooden Unitard...Jus Sayin'" in a nightgown, tennis shoes, high socks, black lipstick, and a slicked down middle part and get a standing ovation?

Music is appropriate.

Disney / Via

It's surprisingly refreshing not to hear music riddled with cursing and lyrics that objectify women.

Showers aren't as frequent as one would expect.

Warner Bros. / Via

And (almost) no one judges you when you've had your cornrows in for a looong time.

You get to go on amazing trips.

When was the last time you went canoeing? Because canoeing rocks!!! And don't get me started on white water rafting!

Campfire smoke is the best perfume.

Girl Power Girl Power Girl Power / Via

Camp is the one place where you can say "I don't know what the word boyfriend means" and have little girls believe you. At summer camp, girls learn that they don't need a man to change a lightbulb, catch a spider, fix a leaky sink, or do anything really. The six-year-olds might not be completely independent, but they get to learn and watch as the older girls take on daunting tasks that in regular society would most likely be done by their fathers or brothers.

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