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The Definitive Ranking Of Sophia's Best Selfies Of Sophomore Year

Sophia is clearly the $elfie Queen

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39. Glow time Selfie

38. Halloween Selfie

Don't you want fanta fanta?

Don't you want fanta fanta?

37. "The Bathroom Had Good Lighting" Selfie

36. Another Bathroom Selfie

35. Dance Team Selfie

34. Group Selfie

33. We're on a walk Selfie

32. Lakers Game Selfie

31. Beach Selfie

30. Costume Partie Selfie

29. Sunny time Selfie

28. Partie Selfie

27. Back of ze car Selfie

26. On ze bus Selfie



25. Sillie Selfie

24. Up High Selfie

23. Dartie Selfie

22. Up close Selfie

21. Fresh Faced Selfie

20. Homework Selfie

19. KAT Formal Selfie



18. Happpie Selfie

17. Cheesin Selfie



16. Little French Girl Selfie

Shout out to Kenzi for getting in there

Shout out to Kenzi for getting in there

15. In ze park Selfie

14. Tongues out Selfie

13. Flower Power Selfie

12. Filtered Selfie

11. Attempted Sparrow Face Selfie

10. WINDie Selfie

9. High Quality Selfie

8. Streets of SF Selfie

7. Solo Selfie

6. Another Solo Selfie

For good measure

For good measure

5. Sneakie Selfie

4. Shmexie Selfie

3. Late Night Selfie

Tired? Let's take a selfie.

Tired? Let's take a selfie.

2. This should be framed Selfie

1. Angelic Selfie

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