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WTF Just Came Out Of That Turkey? 10 Questions Brits And Aussies Have About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a concept that leaves the rest of the world a bit baffled, click here to find out what the Brits and Aussies have to say about it!

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Ahh, Thanksgiving- the food, the traditions, the kick-off to the craziness that is the holiday season. Americans love turkey day, but to the rest of the world it can come across as a bit ~much~. So here are 10 questions a Brit and an Aussie have about Thanksgiving.

6. So you're telling me you sit around all day watching your so-called "football"... let’s be real here, it's like the B grade version of rugby. I mean seriously, they wear like 20 inches of padding and helmets because they can’t handle a tackle.

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