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WTF Just Came Out Of That Turkey? 10 Questions Brits And Aussies Have About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a concept that leaves the rest of the world a bit baffled, click here to find out what the Brits and Aussies have to say about it!

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Ahh, Thanksgiving- the food, the traditions, the kick-off to the craziness that is the holiday season. Americans love turkey day, but to the rest of the world it can come across as a bit ~much~. So here are 10 questions a Brit and an Aussie have about Thanksgiving.

1. Okay, so what’s all this about a marshmallow and sweet potato concoction? Is it a dessert or a left over? Does it happen on purpose? / Via

2. Umm, what are yams? Animal, mineral or vegetable? Are they edible? *shudders* / Via

3. Also… pumpkin spice. Firstly, WHY? Secondly, WHY?!

4. What’s up with Black Friday??? So you spend all day being thankful then at midnight go trample grannies for a TV?


5. Also, why on earth do they say “gobble gobble?!?” We don't say “mooooooo” every time it's steak night or “oink oink” if someone hands you a bacon sarnie.

6. So you're telling me you sit around all day watching your so-called "football"... let’s be real here, it's like the B grade version of rugby. I mean seriously, they wear like 20 inches of padding and helmets because they can’t handle a tackle.

CityTV / Via

7. What do you eat at Christmas, if you’re having a turkey now? Or is this Christmas dinner? Like a rehearsal or something? Wait, why are we here again?


8. What happened to the Pilgrims? Were they like super ungrateful or something?


9. How do we know everything we know about Thanksgiving? From watching “Friends,” duh.


10. British people are way too British to say what they are thankful for. And Aussies? Yeah, nah we’ll just take a beer thanks.

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