16 Awful Types Of Guys On OkCupid

Trying to find a good guy on OkCupid can be hard sometimes.

1. The guy who starts with a story that proves he hasn’t even read your profile.

2. The guy who gets clingy if you don’t answer right away.

3. The guy who just says “whats up?”

4. The guy who doesn’t get the hint that you’re not interested.

5. The guy who begs for you to answer.

6. The guy who only has photos with groups of girls.

7. The guy who thinks he is too cool to answer any of the questions on the site.

8. The guy who won’t talk to you because your waist to hip ratio is “not ideal”.

9. The guy who mentions how cute your kids would be.

10. The guy whose pick up line about how amazing your lips are makes you want to gag.

11. The guy who verbally harasses you for not wanting to go on a date with him.

12. The guy who is overly sexual.

13. The guy who has an overly aggressive and/or desperate username.

14. The guy who won’t talk to you because you live in Manhattan instead of Brooklyn.

15. The guy who posts photos from years ago and says they are new.

16. The guy who gets offended by this post.

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