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  • Traci K (Kochendorfer) Official Music VIDEO I LIKEY LIKE

    Traci K CWTV star and MTV artist has been delaying her fans official music videos for some time. She has had health issues and recently was on CWTV in several shows and competitions but had to not do her tour due to health issues. Yet her single Kiss Me Love was on the Vampire Diaries Bite Me Contest which landed her a grammy nomination this year. Her fans have been concerned and she is thinking she might be losing them and doesn’t want to but wants to get better. The thing is it seems her partners are lagging in their work and her VEVO channel has been blank for some time cause they are not doing their jobs and making sure it is setup and her videos up. It seems Traci K is not the only artist complaining about this in fact the partner that they are complaining about is out of Uk for Distribution to VEVO artist channel. VEVO is a major player in getting huge traffic to artist with YOUTUBE. So it seems it is only fair and timely that Traci K do this for her fans. So it is OFFICIAl and up in partnered with her upcoming future we all hope tour. But it might not be no fancy display but it sure gets attention and I LIKEY LIKE. Get a view of it exclusively by checking out her facebook page.

  • Traci Kochendorfer Sparkling HOT IN OHIO With Great Hair Guy

    Check out pHoto of Traci K sparkling in the sun ….In her hot Sparkling Purple bikini with great hair guy again. Taking her relaxation therapy. Although she is also been picked for running on FoxSports OHIO girl….that just started this coming August. Where she was picked out of tons of girls in the running for Fox Sports. She just got done doing a film and also trying to get rid of her past so she can move forward and maybe heal and recover. The great hair guy was seen near her again supposedly comforting and sharing. Not sure if there is romance going on there or what. Traci just released in UK and now coming US her Club FitStyle Album that is also getting presented in hot with new age which she founded taking fitness beyond. And it is catching on. With bringing like other MTV or VH1 artist Ronnie O. a better healthy lifestyle in clubs who she was spotted some time back a year ago with. Although Traci was rumored with her young over 23 years younger co star on CWTV . IT was really spicy it was rumored but it got scary with such that maybe she had broke it off with a TEXT.

  • Traci Kochendorfer Nominated For HOT 100 Sexiest In Two Places

    In the latest Traci was accused of being TOO PERFECT. but now we have her nominated in two places for the HOT 100 SEXIEST.for the cover ……of up coming magazine issue. and in the latest sexiest girls on the net…..With legs all the way up to you know WHAT seems like her fans agree, With the latest on the sexiest man alive regarding people magazine now we got another arena with the women. Along with Traci there have been others for the net like Megan Fox and Lucy Pinder. To include the most beautiful women in the world for 2011. YOu can vote for Traci or comment go to her fan site

  • Traci Kochendorfer Accused Of Being Too. Sexy

    According to Zimbio Magazine article contributor and such with a recent cover story. When she was asked about it. She said she never really thought of her as such mostly because she was so much of a tom boy growing up.

  • Mike Sorrentino and Traci K Did They Have an Encounter..

    Was there summer love? Jersey Shore boys have been hitting it in Traci K’s territory… There was info from several media in Rallywood of VH1 stars and Traci K…from last year to this year and summer although there was storms it brought waves… We found updated news when Traci K Shoop was hosting several reality casting …with her working it out tour…Mike S. had his fitness thing going calling it ” Working it ” or something we have no idea. But there have been leaks where a fitness center in rallywood where she was meeting and greeting for the ” best restaurant casting..where she was invited to work out at the fitness center in between takes …Mike S. was working out there also. To later be in a club was there any heat. or just another so called Hey Mikey… I mean come on Mike is not Traci’s type…she is reality but an athlete and served her troops in her songs she contributes to many soldiers who were her fans although broke her heart. Was Mike S trying that… although we also heard rumors of a big fight last year with vh1 winner Mindy Hall ’ Money champion” her date hit on Traci…..and encounter even mafia Sal Ruffino(Sopranos) so maybe this might be true….with a photo of her GOT CATHOLIC ..on facebook and the jersey boys wearing the cross…hmm. anyways maybe the recent mix she did ” italian lover” maybe this is true.. we will find out who is the next italian lover.. or can they even do the goddess of divine or keep missing the chance…we will see. resource: popsugar, celeb gather

  • Theres a New Reality Booty Around That May Challenge Kim K and Christina A

    And who may it be? With all the talk of most as you know no matter what they say getting some junk in the trunk these days. IN most cases many say are not real? And probaly are not. But there is one girl who tops it off even a photographer that snapped one of her said so. So we had to let the world know. This booty is the down and dirty of reality bootys. And she is Traci K Shoop…. With getting first exclusive sneak peak of one of her Fitness DVD coming out called Fitstyle reality booty camp. This is quite funny and is entertaining. Especially watching the butt shake so fast like it does. Not to include her T-back exercises. military style fun workouts. So if you really want a reality booty. You got to check this out when it comes out.

  • Add This Fruit Says OHIO STATE University

    Why? What is it? It is an avocado. And research studies show that through fitness professional lifestyle association if you add this to your salad;people who ate this got 7 times the much vision protection lutein and 15 times the cancer fighting beta carotene. recommended fat content is 7 grams

  • Is Traci K ‘s Video Too Scandalist?

    Traci K (Shoop) reality fitness champ is back in her music after serving troops and now hit the 40 bracket and hot. But is the new music video of her hit indie single too much of a tease? check out the video and when it broadcasts kind of like all that is going on with things out there.

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