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    10 Postcard-Worthy Moments From Abbott's Trip Abroad

    Australia is open for big business... and international humiliation.

    1. During his time abroad, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has gained new fans, and new languages

    2. He showcased his expert knowledge and ties with our fellow Commonwealth countries

    3. Canada and Australia, in particular, formed a deep alliance

    4. ... an alliance in which the US will be sure to follow suit

    5. The Prime Minister charmed his audience with hilarious jokes...

    6. ... and had many valuable epiphanies he'll be sure to bring home

    7. The Prime Minister is happy to report that Australia/Indonesia relations are at their all-time best

    8. ​World leaders at large have deemed all the objectives of the trip met

    9. Upon return, the Prime Minister himself has declared the trip an engaging, thrilling, hugely beneficial use of taxpayer funds, sure to secure us deep and lasting relations with the international community...

    10. ... and looks forward to returning with renewed faith in Australia's priorities