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At night in Maringá!

What to do, which bars are the bests and cheapers, where to find your people: come and have fun at night in Maringá!


1. Afonso's Bar

Is a bar in the 7th Zone of Maringá. Everybody goes there at the end of the day to have some beer and spend some time with friends. It's a very cheap bar and a perfect place to go after a long day of work: the one liter of beer costs R$6,00 reais!

2. Democrático Rock Bar

Side by side with Afonso's Bar, there's Democrático Rock Bar! It is frequented mainly by the students of the State University of Maringá and here's a tipo: do not arrive very late, will have queues! It has a varied menu with fries, fried chicken, meat, sausages and some brazilian savory.

3. Hand's Bar Board Games

This is a Maringá bar that while you are eating the various portions available and drinking some beer, there's a lot of games that you can play with your friends! The bar has more than 30 types of games and the hole decor of the place is inspired by that.

4. Seu Joaquim Ecco Club

Its a Maringá bar frequented by skaters because it has a star point track inside the place. The most played style of music is rap, but there are varied days that you can listen to blues, electronic and much more! It's a pretty nice place and the residents of Maringá nicknamed it like "Seu Joaca".

6. MPB Bar

It's a very famous night club in Maringá where you can listen to Rock music. There's a lot of famous covers and many brazilian rock shows Some singers and bands of this kinds of music are: Legião Urbana, Raul Seixas, Cazuza, Ratos de Porão, Pitty, Rita Lee and Capital Inicial.

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