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12 Horror GIFs That Perfectly Describe Meeting Your S.O.'s Parents

GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN. Then go see Jordan Peele's new film, Get Out, in theaters February 24!

1. When they have a sibling who visibly and inexplicably hates you from the moment you meet.

2. And another sibling who warns you about the shitstorm you're about to walk into.

3. When you want to have sex in your S.O.'s childhood bedroom but it feels like the walls have eyes.

4. When they gush about how great your S.O.'s ex was.

5. When you laugh off a passive-aggressive joke like it didn't just cut you to the core.

6. When a new relative shows up for dinner and comes at you hard, right out of the gate.

7. But you hit them with the perfect compliment and disarm them completely.

8. When the parents object to you sleeping in the same bedroom (and the living room futon smells like dog farts).

9. When you're alone with one of them for the first time and your S.O. isn't there to play defense.

10. When they lull you into a false sense of security then suddenly give you the third degree.

11. When you're looking for the bathroom in the middle of the night but stumble into an interrogation.

12. When their dad hits you with a thinly veiled insult from OUT OF NOWHERE.

Meeting the parents can be scary AF. But catching Get Out in theaters February 24 is even scarier.

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