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11 Reasons "Get Out" Is Killing It At The Box Office

This thriller is like nothing you've seen before. Go see Get Out, opening 4 May!

1. People love the film because it's a wild ride.

2. And it definitely doesn't hurt that Daniel Kaluuya has a killer smile.

3. But that smile fades when he meets his S.O.'s parents. Relatable.

4. Especially when they start asking awkward questions. Could you not, parents?

5. As if that's not bad enough, meeting the family friends is really just too much.

6. Especially when the friends are...a little weird.

7. The film kills it because you never know what's going on behind the scenes.

8. Things might seem great...

9. ...but there are twists you don't see coming.

10. Luckily, though, everyone can laugh about it in the end...

11. ...right?

All images courtesy of NBC Universal.

There's only one guarantee: You'll love Get Out. Go see it in theatres on 4 May!

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