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40 Gifs To Celebrate Fallon's 40th

He's turning forty. ew.

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1. This is Jimmy Fallon.

2. James Thomas Fallon.

(He's the little one.)

3. In case you've been living under a rock, he's the host of the Tonight Show.

4. Friday is his birthday.

5. Of course, we had to make a post about it.

6. A post *just* for his birthday.

7. *sings* "happy birthday song"

8. Birthdays are so exciting!

9. Birthdays mean cards with cash from relatives.

10. Is it Jimmy's sweet sixteen?

11. Is he gonna be feelin' twenty-two?

12. He's still in his thirties, right?

13. He's turning FORTY.

14. WHAT?!

15. That's 14,609 days old.

16. We don't think he's very excited about it.

17. It feels like just yesterday he was such a youngster.

18. Where has the time gone?

19. Before we know it, all of his hair will be gray.

20. Or maybe falling out?

21. But at least he'll still be super cute.

22. Pretty soon he'll be signing up for AARP and yelling at kids to get off his lawn.

23. So put on that snazzy birthday outfit.

24. And bust a move.

25. Or two...

26. Or three...

27. Or four...

28. Okay, as many as you want.

29. And to those who say 40 is old?

30. 40 is the new 30, right?

31. Gotta take a birthday selfie!

32. And then one with the girls!

33. Okay, maybe he's a little excited about his birthday.

34. Birthdays only come once a year!

35. Tomorrow's the big day.

36. Better get some sleep!

37. Brace yourself, because it's all downhill from here. (just kidding!)

38. Wine goes really well with Carvel ice cream cakes.

39. Needless to say,

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