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16 Signs You're A Right-Brained Kind Of Person

It's not easy being creative.

1. All of your notes are basically works of art.

2. You zone out in the middle of conversations literally all the time because you're daydreaming.

3. And when you realise, you say something – anything – so people think you were listening the whole time.

4. Seriously, zoning out is a struggle you face every damn day.

Am I the only person who restarts a song because you like zone out and weren't able to appreciate it enough? Or is that just me

5. You write down every idea that comes to you right before you fall asleep.

6. Because you know the pain of forgetting your genius ideas by the next morning way too well.

7. You forget people's names pretty much right after they've said them, but you're an expert at remembering people's faces.

8. When you're working on a great project, you accidentally forget to do things like eat and sleep.

9. But studying for more than five minutes without taking a break is basically your Everest.

10. You're constantly tapping your hands or feet to make a beat, even if you're not a drummer.

11. You start all over again when you don't like something you've made, even if you've spent days working on it.

12. You regularly take loads of tangents when you're talking and forget your actual point.

13. You sometimes come up with pretty unique ways to solve problems.

Don't ask me how I managed to take this because I'm not entirely sure

14. When someone tells you to "drive 20 miles" or "reverse at a 60-degree angle", you have no clue what that means.

15. You have an ever-growing list of projects you want to do and so little spare time:

16. But most of all, people really love your creativity and independent spirit.

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