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11 Amazing Creative Jobs You'll Want To Know About

Know what a dramaturg or greensman does?

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1. Animal Trainer

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

It's not just dogs and cats. No no, it's also horses, pigs, lions, mice, squirrels and ravens. Oh, and don't forget lions, tigers, bears and even the occasional mongoose.

Insider knowledge – despite what you may think about them being full of wisdom, owls are actually pretty hard to train. And Hedwig seemed so intelligent...

5. Foley Artist / Via

When a kettle boils in a film, did you know that the sound effect is probably someone blowing bubbles into a milkshake? Cue the life of a foley artist – people who use their imagination to create sound effects using everyday objects.

7. Art Handler

PolyGram Filmed Entertainment / Via

Art handlers have an extremely important job; they work with a variety of people to ensure the safe moving and handling of works of art. It's a tough job – you definitely don't want to be the person who gets in trouble for scratching the Mona Lisa.

9. Greeting Card Creator


Do you have a gift for penning heartwarming messages or ROFL jokes? Well, a greeting card creator may be the career for you.*

*N.B. it is highly unlikely you'll meet a girl named Summer. Which isn't a bad thing, because after 500 days, she'll probably break your heart.

11. Games QA Tester / Via

No, this isn't too good to be true – this occupation truly does exist. As a Quality Assurance Tester, you would be paid to test video games before they go public.

With great power comes great responsibility – the role would involve checking for bugs, measuring the game's playability and evaluating it against competition.

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