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10 Unbelievably Amazing Automated Homes

You might have visited hotels where you can control things with a remote but have you ever wanted to control your own home? Today we will show you 10 exotic homes that are completely automated.

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1. Eric Strains Las Vegas CABU Dubbed Master Piece

A five bedroom, nine bathrooms luxuriously designed home, that not just comes with a million dollar worth of Crestron Home Automation System installed but stands out because of its 10 KV photovoltaic panels that drive one-third of the homes electricity. For about $12.5 million it is up for grabs.

2. Modern Townhouse in the Historic Neighborhood of Washington DC

This award-winning, 6 bedroom modern townhouse stands tall in the heart of Georgetown. A perfect abode with maximum lighting exposure, media room with 4K projector and starlit ceiling and pivoted doors with smart glasses installed that turn translucent from clear at the touch of button. The house is up for sale in $9.995 million.

3. A Mansion That Goes Light on the Electric Bills

Our search for automated homes brought us to the city of Yorba Linda, California. Here we found this 19,346 Sq. ft. mansion which is powered up by 80 solar panels and houses nine gigantic bedrooms and 12 comfortable bathrooms. The total worth of this edifice is $20.75 million.

4. Arizona’s Smart Robotic Home

Located in the North Crestview Drive, this smart home in Arizona operates on a high-tech home automation system which includes a top-grade home security system, temperature control system and pre-wired surround sound system. This 6.75 million worth of space has 10 car garage space too!

5. Live by the Beach, King Size

In this mighty beach house by Florida, lies a modern tropical paradise that has eight bedrooms and twelve bathrooms. The lights, audio, video, shades, security and all other main systems are controlled by the installation of Crestone Home Automation System. The net worth of this highly magnificent work of architecture is $35 million.

6. La Jolla’s Panoramic Beauty

Resting by the hill side, this three-storey building is a real piece of art that captures the beauty of oceans and canyons. Housing five bedrooms and seven bathrooms estate with alongside its grandeur is facilitated with automatic front door, garage, music system, and security cameras control. The house estimates to $12.9 million.

7. Sag Harbor History with a Twist of 21st Century Technology

This establishment when underwent an exterior recreation for its 18th century colonial style, as a recognition to Sag Harbur, was also made smart with its utmost smart home technology installments, and designer lights. The house is worth $12 million.

8. Chilmark Summer House for The Former President

Intended to serve as the Summer House for President Obama in 2013, this house in Chilmark has installed the best, most advanced security system available in the market. With private beach access, this estate has a top-class entertainment and stereo system with exquisite oak floors. This 9.5 acres of land costs $19.125 million.

9. The Mangolian Boulevard Heaven in Seattle

Facing the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountain Range, this 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom Tudor home is famous for its breathtaking views. Truly accents its withstanding grace and cutting-edge upgrades. This home was renovated in 1999 and now contains an 11-zone heat and air control system and the exuberant electronic climate control system for individual room.

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