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13 Things Everyone Without Health Insurance Can Relate To

"Like, who really needs a doctor anyway?" -No One Ever

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1. If anyone in your general vicinity proclaims to be sick, you do everything in your power to avoid them.


2. Your 26th birthday ended up being the most depressing day of your life.

3. Being around children is definitely, absolutely, 100% out of the question.


We love them! But no...

4. In fact, you try not to touch anything ever, which is no easy task.

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5. You have reoccurring dreams that the most mundane activities will end in disaster...

6. ...which makes you extremely cautious in every activity you do, even if it disrupts everyone else's life.

7. Or, well, you seriously consider not moving at all for the rest of your life.


Just standing in one place forever, NBD.

8. No matter how intense your symptoms are, you keep telling yourself it's nothing.

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"Oh, hehe I'll be fine… just a little headache…"

9. You believe that a vitamin the size of your body does the same thing as any other medicine.

10. You still call up your mother for medical advice and tell her ALL your symptoms...

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…which is way too much information for her heart to handle.

11. Instead of going to the doctor, you lie in bed seriously thinking to yourself, What would they do on Grey's?

12. When you give up and actually go, you are praying they happen to forget to ask for your nonexistent insurance card.

13. And then you physically feel your bank account draining when the doctor says you need to go to a specialist.

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