26 Life Skills Every Person #BornIn88 Should Know By Now

You’re turning 26 soon. You’re no longer a student. No longer a recent grad. You’re an adult. It may be scary, but here’s a checklist of things to know to make sure you’re on the right track.

1. How to do your laundry the right way.

2. And iron it. Without burning anything.

3. Dressing yourself properly.

4. Yes, that includes tying a tie.

5. Learning to cook for yourself.

6. No, really cooking.

7. I don’t think you understand what cooking means.

8. Eating your veggies.

9. It’s probably time to say goodbye to care packages from mom and dad.

10. Doing your taxes… on time.

11. Saving for retirement.

12. Saving money at all, actually.

13. Calling your parents. And not just when you need something.

14. Sending cards on time.

15. Knowing your limits in professional settings.

16. …and in social settings.

17. Basic hygiene, y’all. Keep it clean.

18. Maintaining a respectable social media presence.

19. Getting along with your family.

20. Taking care of your health.

21. Not just eating the occasional veggie. Really taking care of it.

22. Visit the doctor every now and then. Checkups are free.

23. Maybe even the dentist. Get crazy.

24. Getting booted from your parent’s insurance this year? You could get your own plan.

25. And it’s even affordable!

26. So treat yourself to health.

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