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Why Miroslav Klose Should Be A Household Name

Miroslav Klose has played 136 games for Germany (4.5 months) and has scored 71 goals. He is basically a soccer god.

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Have you met this guy?

His name is Miroslav Klose / Via Andrzej Otrębski

And he is incredible. Here he is tying Ronaldo's Record for all time most World Cup Goals:

And here he is breaking that record with his 16th goal:


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Which is more goals than some countries have scored in the last four World Cups.

Still, he didn't celebrate his record-breaking goal with his trademark flip...

Did we mention he flips?

At 36 years old, he still flips.

Klose is a good sportsman

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Here he is telling the referee not to count a handball goal he scored.

He is loyal

After 136 games with the team, he better be.

And Germany has never lost a game in which Klose has scored.

So let's root for Miro on Sunday

Los Geht's! Go Germany!

Zacarias Garcia

Written By Lauren Rogers

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