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    Twelve German Libraries That Will Make Bookworms Drool

    Bookworms, delight! These twelve libraries are enough reason alone to visit Germany.

    1. Marienburg Castle Queen's Library, Hanover

    2. Jacob and Wilhelm-Grimm Center, Berlin

    3. The German National Library, Frankfurt

    4. Stuttgart Central Library

    5. Wiblingen Monastary, Ulm

    6. Ulm Public Library

    7. Herzog August Library, Wolfenbüttel

    8. The Lower Saxony State and University Library of Göttingen

    9. Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-House, the Parliamentar Library, Berlin

    10. The Cottbus Library

    11. Duchess Anna-Amalia Library, Weimar

    12. We have a library, too!

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    Written By Lauren Rogers