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Twelve German Libraries That Will Make Bookworms Drool

Bookworms, delight! These twelve libraries are enough reason alone to visit Germany.

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1. Marienburg Castle Queen's Library, Hanover / Via DZT

The library in Marienburg Castle, along with the castle itself, was a gift from King George V of Hanover to his lovely Queen, Marie. Talk about Drachenfutter, am I right?? The lovely arching ceilings and fantastic view make us wish we were curled up with a book there right now.

2. Jacob and Wilhelm-Grimm Center, Berlin

The Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Center in Berlin is an architechtural marvel that was finished in 2009. The design is all about strong lines and sharp angles, but it is still light and open. Students at the Humboldt University get to enjoy this reading room during every exam week, which is almost enough incentive to want to be in school again! Almost.

More photos here.

3. The German National Library, Frankfurt / Via Concord

The German National Library is charged with recording and storing every German and German-language publication that is produced. (That's why the building is so big - it's full of secrets). The National Libray has been collecting texts since 1913 and now has over 25 million individual items.

4. Stuttgart Central Library

The Stuttgart Central Library may look like something out of a video game, but we assure you, this is real life. The dramatic white staircases, bookshelves, and floors give the whole building a crisp, clean feeling, perfect for all you minimalists out there.

6. Ulm Public Library

The theme for hte Ulm Library is transparency, and what better way to show that than with a giant glass pyramid? There are practically no walls in the library, rather everything is about openness, glass, and light.

Visit the Ulm Library!

7. Herzog August Library, Wolfenbüttel

The Herzog August Library is a flavorful blend of classic and moderd architecture. It provides the perfect atmosphere for reading the books it specializes in: Early middle ages texts!

Visit the Herzog August Library!

9. Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-House, the Parliamentar Library, Berlin / Via Mike Peel

One of the major perks of being in the German parliament: the architecture. The German government buildings are some of the most modern in the world. This giant glass structure opened in 2003.

11. Duchess Anna-Amalia Library, Weimar

This library is straight out of one of a Goethe or Thomas Mann novel. Coincidentally, Goethe actually lived a few streets over from this heavenly library. Check it out for some literary inspiration.

Visit the Anna-Amalia Library! Library

12. We have a library, too!

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Written By Lauren Rogers